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Washington Nationals: 2010 No.1 Prospect Bryce Harper Starts Season.

• A photo caption accompanying an article on the Sports page of the Las Vegas Journal-Review's official website estimated that close to "2,000 people and 100 scouts," would watch the College of Southern Nevada debut of the consensus no.1 prospect in the country, 17-year-old catcher and infielder Bryce Harper at Morse Stadium in Henderson, Nevada. One of the more determined members of the DC Faithful even found this "slightly" blurry image of the potential twenty-ten number one pick of the Washington Nationals floating around on the internet last night accompanied by a report that Harper, who's wearing #34, was, "...1-2, BB so far." 


The Las Vegas Review-Journal's Todd Dewey quotes CSN Coyote's baseball coach Tim Chambers in an article entitled, "No.1 Ranked Team: Sky's limit for phenom Harper, College of Southern, Nevada", attempting to temper expectations for the SI.cover kid and internet phenomenon who earned his GED in order to graduate high school and become eligible for the 2010 Draft: 

"It freaks me out a little bit that the No. 1 baseball prospect in America plays at CSN and is a junior in high school," Chambers said. "I'm so pumped about it. We start eight (college) sophomores and one junior in high school.

"I say it that way because I want everybody who has an opinion on (Harper) to understand he's a junior in high school, not a freshman in college, and he's hitting (third) for one of the top (junior college) teams in the country."

Las Vegas writer Ray Brewer, in an article entitled, "Baseball phenom Bryce Harper dodges media, focuses on his game", reports (as's Todd Dewey had) that Harper is being "protected" by the Coyotes' coaches, who are limiting their catcher to baseball alone, as Mr. Brewer writes, "No autographs, handshakes, interviews or conversations. Just baseball." 

DC GM Mike Rizzo told XM host and former DC GM Jim Bowden that Bryce Harper was, "...certainly will be one of the guys we talk about," when discussing the top pick of the 2010 draft. According to AOL Fanhouse writer Jeff Fletcher, (whose Twitter page identifies him as such), Harper began his draft year by hitting an intentional ball for a sac fly and going, "...1-3, BB, SF, K, 2 RBI." Mr. Fletcher's the only source of the news as of 3:52 pm EST on Saturday...