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Washington Nationals: Orlando Hudson Or Bust?

Summing Up: The Nationals And Hudson Almost There...

The Washington Nationals' interest in free agent second baseman Orlando Hudson has been public knowledge for some time now, there was even that did he or didn't he take a physical thing last year, but this time around DC GM Mike Rizzo made clear his intention to add a middle infielder and in no time at all Hudson's name was on top of the list and on everyone's lips...Nats' center fielder and public spokesman Nyjer Morgan told's Bill Ladson in an article entitled, "Morgan wants Hudson to join Nats", that he wanted Hudson to sign in DC. The Face of the Franchise© Ryan Zimmerman let it be known he'd welcome a fellow Gold Glover and Hudson himself told Mr. Ladson that hearing what Morgan and the Nationals said meant a lot and he felt, in his own words, that "The Nationals are heading in the right direction. With Willie Harris, Nyjer Morgan and my guy, Adam Dunn, who I'm close to -- it's all good." So...

On Friday afternoon at the Nationals' Hot Stove Luncheon, Adam Dunn, as recounted by's Ben Goessling in an article entitled, "News from the Hot Stove Luncheon", told a crowd of season ticket holders that, "...he thinks the Nationals are former teammate Orlando Hudson's top choice," and considering that Dunn, as Mr. Goessling notes, "shares an agent with Hudson," it's easy to believe Dunn knows of what he speaks...Dunn's old friend, the former DC GM and current FOX and XM host Jim Bowden put his two cents in Saturday afternoon, (I know, I know, get over it, he's a "journalist" now), tweeting that he believed, "O- Hudson 9 m demand getting ready to drop, Nats in the lead -5m probably gets it done." Uh...Yeah, I'll translate that for you, "Orlando Hudson's $9 million dollar demand is getting ready to drop, the Nationals are in the lead, $5 million probably gets it done."'s Bill Ladson's story on the Hot Stove Luncheon entitled, "Dunn: Hudson wants to sign with Nats", quoted a source who said Orlando Hudson, "...wants $9 million and the club is not willing to give him that kind of money. The Nationals are looking to pay around $3 million," and with good reason as they've cited (through the media) the $3.25 million dollar, one-year deal free agent infielder Juan Uribe signed with the Giants as the standard for an infielder this winter...not to mention that Hudson himself signed a one-year deal for $3.38 million last season with LA...and if Rizzo gives Hudson the same kind of incentives he had last season, which allowed him to earn close to $8 million dollars, we'll all promise to go to Nationals Park and consume as much as possible to pay for each incentive should Hudson reach those goals...Deal?

• The Nationals' alternative to Hudson, Orlando Cabrerais being tied to the Reds by a writer who covers the Rockies, and the only other infield option the Washington Nationals have considered is Adam Kennedy, because the only other big name out there is Felipe Lopez...I don't think FLop's coming back to's Jon Heyman was the last one to tweet his own opinion on the free agent infielder's destinations, and as of late Saturday night he says:

"...guessing where infielders land: hudson nats, cabrera reds, lopez cards."

Just sign already, Orlando.