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Andre Dawson Lone Player Elected To Baseball Hall of Fame.

After 21 seasons, 2,774 hits, 503 doubles, 98 triples, 438 HR's, 1,591 RBI's, 314 steals, a .279 CBA, one Rookie of the Year award, (ROY-1977), 8 All-Star appearances, one NL MVP award, (NL MVP- 1987), and nine Hall of Fame ballots, Andre Dawson was finally elected to the Baseball Hall of Fame by the BBWAA this afternoon, as the lone member of the 2010 Hall of Fame class. The Hawk, who played 11 seasons with the Montreal Expos, 6 with the Chicago Cubs, 2 with the Boston Red Sox and 2 with the Florida Marlins, retired in 1996 after a 2,627 game MLB career. Congratulations to the Hawk. Vivant Les Expos longtemps!!! eMb