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Federal 2010 Community Hall Of Fame Ballot RESULTS.

There were 20 ballots cast in Federal's Community Hall of Fame election, so it makes the math simple, 15 votes combined and you're in with the 75% of the vote that the Baseball Hall of Fame requires. The BBWAA elected one man, towering outfielder Andre Dawson, the former Expo, Cub, Red Sock and Marlin, shunning all first ballot players and even Bert Blyleven, whose election was thought by some a forgone conclusion. The baseball writers of the SB Nation had elected Blyleven alone earlier this week in our own non-binding vote, awarding him with entry into the Hall twelve years after he first appeared on the ballot. Did the readers and writers of Federal Baseball correctly predict the results of this year's voting? I came close, predicting that Dawson and Blyleven would be elected. Our editor, Winston Smith, voted for Dawson and Blyleven, but also Fred McGriff, Jack Morris, Lee Smith and Edgar Martinez, none of whom were granted entry...

Did the Federal Baseball readers get it right?

The Results of Federal's 2010 Hall of Fame Community Ballot:

  1. *Bert Blyleven - 16 votes. 
  2. Roberto Alomar - 14 votes.
  3. Andre Dawson - 12 votes. 
  4. Barry Larkin - 12 votes.
  5. Tim Raines - 10 votes. 
  6. Edgar Martinez - 10 votes.
  7. Mark McGwire - 9 votes. 
  8. Fred McGriff - 7 votes. 
  9. Alan Trammel - 5 votes. 
  10. Lee Smith - 5 votes. 
  11. Don Mattingly - 5 votes.
  12. Dale Murphy - 4 votes.
  13. Andres Galarraga - 4 votes.
  14. Jack Morris - 3 votes.
  15. Ray Lankford - 1 vote.
  16. Dave Parker - 1 vote.
  17. Harold Baines - 1 vote.
(ed. note - " * = Well, most of the baseball world would be upset with these results too...Bert Blyleven is the only player elected by the Federal Baseball readers and writers. The 22-year MLB veteran started his career with the Minnesota Twins as a 19-year-old rookie in 1970 and retired in 1992 after a season pitching for the then-California Angels at the age of 41 with a 287-250 career record, 242 complete games, 60 shutouts, a 3.31 ERA, (118 ERA+), 1.198 WHIP, 2.4 BB/9, 6.7 K/9 and two World Series wins, one each with the Pirates (1979) and Twins (1987).")