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Memo To Washington Nationals: The Montreal Expos Existed. Retire Dawson, Raines And Carter's Numbers.

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The first Montreal Expo elected to the Baseball Hall of Fame didn't want to wear a Montreal Expos cap either. Gary "The Kid" Carter wanted to be depicted on his plaque in the hat in which he won the World Series with the 1986 New York Mets, but the decision wasn't his and the Hall decided Carter would be captured for posterity wearing the "eMb" of the Montreal Expos. When the decision was made, Carter told AP writer Josh Dubow, in a USA Today article entitled, "Carter to go into Hall of Fame with Expos hat", that it would be his honor:

"I'm so honored and proud to represent the Expos," Carter said at a news conference. "To me, it's not an issue. I'm glad I didn't have to make that decision. There's a place in my heart for every team I played on. But this is the most noble thing."

Now the second Montreal Expo elected to the Hall, Andre Dawson, reportedly told Chicago Tribune writer Fred Mitchell that he, "...would prefer to go in as a Cub," at least according to writer Paul Sullivan, who also quotes Hall of Fame president Jeff Idleson in his article entitled, "Dawson awaiting decision on Hall of Fame cap, source says he'd like to go in as a Cub", explaining that it's something they will discuss:

"'At the end of the day you want the logo to represent where this guy made his greatest impact,' Hall president Jeff Idelson told the Associated Press. 'He was impactful in Montreal. He was impactful in Chicago, and to a much lesser extent Boston and Florida, but it's more of a case sitting down and collectively make a decision.'"

Dawson made an appearance on Chicago Tribune Live to talk about his election to the Hall, and Mr. Sullivan writes that the 21-year MLB veteran, "...said he knew 'in (his) heart of hearts' which cap he would like to be wearing, but declined to identify the team and confirmed that a decision has not been made." Dawson's former teammate, and now-fellow-Hall-of-Famer Gary Carter told New York Times' writer Tyler Kepner, in an article entitled, "Montreal Expos, Forgotten by Many, Are Reuniting in Cooperstown", that, "...he hoped Dawson would go in as a Cub so an existing organization could celebrate his career. If that happens, Carter is prepared to carry the banner alone," since there's no hint and seemingly no interest in Washington, D.C. in the franchise's history. Elsewhere in the article, Mr. Carter addresses the franchise now known as the Washington Nationals, who have chosen to (aside from noting statistical benchmarks) ignore the Montreal Expos' past of their team:

"At least recognize and embrace the fact that they were in Montreal for 36 years."

The Montreal Expos existed. Vivent longtemps Les Expos. Mr. Kepner adds Larry Walker's to the list of names (along with Tim Raines and Vladimir Guerrero) of former Expos who might one day earn a place in the Baseball Hall of Fame...After that? Tim Raines received just 30.4% of the 75% of the vote necessary to gain entrance in the Hall this year. Eight of Vladimir Guerrero's fourteen MLB seasons were played in Montreal, but his one MVP award and all his postseason appearances took place with the Los Angeles Angels. Larry Walker played 10 of his 16 MLB seasons with the Colorado Rockies where he won his one MVP award and made one postseason appearance in 1995, and the only other postseason play in Walker's career came ten years later in '04 and '05 with the St. Louis Cardinals. So don't tell me not to care which cap Andre Dawson wears, enough of the Expos' history has disappeared already. I hope Andre Dawson gets to go in wearing the cap that he would like to wear, I just hope it's the Expos.