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Wire Taps: Washington Nationals Part With Ryan Zimmerman? C'mon...

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I shared a good laugh on the Twitter with an old Federal Baseball regular from Australia when we both read (in the comments of a post) a reaction to Washington Post writer Adam Kilgore's Nationals Journal post entitled, "Nationals would have interest in Matt Kemp", which had speculated that the Dodgers could pick up some prospects or possibly work out a deal for Ryan Zimmerman-plus if they in fact decided to trade their 26-year-old outfielder...Really? Kemp for Zim? An argument ensued in the comments section there, with other Dodger fans defending the position, which I'd guess most in NatsTown would find absurd. But is it really? (I'd say yes, if for no other reason than that Zim's the Nats' first 1st Round pick, the Face of the Franchise, and sort of an institution already in D.C. where he's manned the hot corner since late '05.) 

But then it turned up again. Los Angeles Times' writer Steve Dilbeck brought up Mr. Kilgore's WaPost report in an article entitled, "Alert the media! Nationals would have interest in Matt Kemp", wherein Mr. Dilbeck wrote, (as most who read Mr. Kilgore's report said when they read it), that anyone in baseball would be interested in Kemp "IF" he was available, but in the LATimes' writer's opinion, there was a reason the Post's report didn't mention any names from the Nats' side:

"The story didn’t speculate whether the Nationals would be willing to trade third baseman Ryan Zimmerman, but really, who else do they have that the Dodgers would be interested in for Kemp? Somehow I’m thinking Stephen Strasburg, surgery and all, is not available."'s Bill Ladson mentioned yesterday, in an article entitled, "If Dunn doesn't return, Nats have options", that the Nats would also be interested in James Loney as a possible option at first, should they fail to (or decide not to) sign Adam Dunn, but the problem, according to Mr. Ladson is that, "whenever a trade is involved, look for opposing teams to ask for shortstop Ian Desmond or right-hander Jordan Zimmermann." Ryan Zimmerman, Ian Desmond or Jordan Zimmmerman? Are Nats fans willing to part with any of the three to fill the Nats' needs at first or in right? What package of prospects could the Nats put together to actually get an OF, 1B or front-end starter? Mike Rizzo's got one busy winter ahead of him...