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Nationals Daily Evolutions 10/15/10

Every National that played for Scottsdale yesterday got a hit, and Adam Carr pitched and gave up a couple. The Scorpions happened to lose by the score of 5-1 to move to 2-1 on the season. --Sue Dinem from

Three out of five teams in the NL East are looking for new managers and the Mets are looking for a new everything. --William Yoder at thenatsblog   

In the suddenly shifting NL East the Nationals suddenly look like a stable team. --Ben Goessling from

If the Nationals decide to go free agent for a first baseman or outfielder, who are some of the options? Basic conclusion; SIGN ADAM DUNN.

The Texas Rangers are in the post season with Colby Lewis set to start game two. For the past couple seasons Lewis played in Japan. Perhaps the Nationals should be looking at a certain ginger haired former Cub that plays in Japan to fill their outfield need, and it probably wouldn't cost too much to sign Matt Murton at this point. --David Lint from

A look at the other youngest players to play in the AFL. Starlin Castro is the only one to make it to the majors thus far, but Jose Iglesias is supposed to be a defensive wizard. Keith Law went so far as to call it defensive porn yesterday on Twitter. One way or the other I think people are looking forward to seeing how Harper does. --Harper at

Does the AFL change when we can expect to see Harper in a Nationals uniform? Probably not. At this point it should still be figured to be September of 2012 with first major league season in 2013. Might change if he bats .400 at Potomac. --Mark Zuckerman from

I don't think anything short of the Iron Sheik could humble Bryce Harper, but some would like the pitchers of the AFL to try. --Ryan Korby at       

News on the playoffs, the 32 best sports calls, and shameless self promotion after the jump. Also beer news.

General Baseball

Noted NL East killer Cody Ross has 13 of his 86 career homers against the Phillies. By the end of the series they might be wishing he lived his dream and became a rodeo clown. --Janie McCauley at

Superstition in baseball is a wonderful thing. Elvis Andrus might cut his hair in Spring Training if the Rangers can win it all. --'Duk from

Former President George W. Bush is excited to watch the Rangers in the post-season. --Michael Schmidt from

Mike Sweeney is a singing fool, and he is finally getting his title shot after years of paying his dues. --Joe Posnanski at

Bad news: Bob Uecker back in hospital for second heart surgery. --Don Walker  

Number 1 isn't a baseball call, but I don't think anyone would argue with it as the Miracle on Ice is probably the greatest sports moment in American history and Al Michaels call is as iconic as the moment. Some baseball highlights include, "Touch 'em all Joe...," "Go crazy folks, go crazy," and, "In a year that has been so improbably, the impossible has happened." --Joe Posnanski from

D.C. Beer News

Whether it is National Bohemian, Great Lakes Brewing Company, Iron City Beer, or Old Style one of the fun parts of travel is to try out a cities local beer. Four different breweries are set to open in D.C. next year. Hopefully one of them can become as iconic as the beers mentioned above. --Tammy Tuck

Shameless Self Promotion

I wrote the first draft of the first chapter of the book I am going to try and write last night. I said I was going to wait until after the World Series, but obviously I didn't. I will go back an edit it and add info on the World Series when it is over, but for now this is the draft of chapter 1. Warning I am not safe for families. --Me from 'Til Death do us Part

There is actual baseball on tonight. I will be pulling for the Texas Rangers as I just don't like the Yankees very much, but at the same time I won't be heartbroken if the Yankees win. It is actually really good sometimes to watch games that you have no vested interest in.