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Nationals Daily Evolutions 10/18/10

Nationals prospects continue to do well in the AFL and Greinke has a limited no-trade clause. --Ben Goessling from

Solis could be on Strasburg path to the majors. His repertoire reminds me of Mussina, or maybe it is just the knuckle-curve. Either way signs point to seeing him sometime in 2011. --Byron Kerr at

Norris has been an offensive force so far in the AFL. --Byron Kerr at

Listach to interview with Brewers. I can tell you from my trip there this past season the fans love him. --Mark Zuckerman from

Now that guys like Mike Sweeney have found their way to the playoffs Adam Dunn is number 2 on the list of most games played without an appearence. --Steven from   

Reports indicate that the Nationals are willing to overspend on Cliff Lee. I personally get the feeling that Cliff Lee is more than the mindless mercenary he is made out to be and that some human element will play into where he signs. --William Yoder from

With a TV deal that pays $150 million a year and being the team that Lee pitches for right now shouldn't the Rangers be considered the frontrunner? And then there are the Yankees. The fight for Lee's services will be a fierce one and the Nationals have a chance, however slim. --Ben Goessling from

Of course this all could be lip service to fool the fans into thinking the Nationals are trying to spend money. --Mike Prada from

More on the Nats and how Cody Ross is making me look like a genius after the jump.     

The Nationals do not have a good record when going after toolsy outfielders. Is it even worth it to bother with Matt Kemp, or is he too far gone? --William Yoder from

Nationals players missed the second most time on the DL of any team. I wonder how that ways in guys like Jesus Flores and Jordan Zimmermann, who missed all or most of the year? --William Yoder at

Nationals nominated for TWIB awards. --Kristen Hudak from

Nationals fans can carve a pumpkin and win a prize. --Cheryl Nichols from

Around the NL East

The Rangers might want to thank the Braves for helping them reach the playoffs. Both their closer and starting short stop were aquired as part of the Teixeira deal in 2007. --Aaron Gleeman from

Cody Ross hit yet another homer against an NL East foe, but it wasn't enough to combat the cool precision of Roy Oswalt. --Rich Hoffman from

General Baseball

There is a history of players that aren't that great getting hot for a post-season. Now I don't think Cody Ross' numbers are a fluke as he has always put up good numbers against the NL East. Seriously when he was with the Marlins was there anything more annoying than this short little .220 hitter owning the Nationals? But this off-season is different. The Giants are led by guys like Burrell and Huff, and even Marcus Thames on the Yankees is having a good post-season. This is the playoffs of the rejects. --Mathew Futterman and Jonah Keri from

I have said many times that debate and discussion are important, because they move our thoughts forward. Only out of disagreement can either new thoughts emerge or a middle ground be reached. A response* to Will Carroll's blog about statheads. --Bill from

*Is it bad that modern blogging reminds me of 18th century British poetry?

Don't forget that tonight is Cliff Lee vs. the Yankees.