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Game 160: Nats fall to another B-team



  • Ded eyez: Jordan Zimmermann (+15.7%) goes 6 innings, striking out 3 and allowing only 1 ER on a wind-aided solo homer (-13.8%).
  • Helpless: The non-Morse part of the batting order combines for -72.1% WPA.  Yes, really.
  • The only positive: Mike Michael Morse (+10.6%) adds to my stats by belting a game-tying solo shot (+20.5%).
  • A DC tradition: Tyler Clippard (-36.7%) gets one out into the 10th before coughing up the losing gopher ball (-42.3%).
  • The other positive: Sean Burnett (+23.8%) continues to shut 'em down in relief, with another two perfect innings.