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Nationals Daily Evolutions 10/21/10

The biggest news from yesterday was Harper's AFL debut. He went 1-4 with a ground rule double that was nearly a grand slam, and might be the only pro-athlete that leaves Vegas to make it rain. --Jesse Sanchez from

Derek Norris has been in the AFL this whole time and is one of the top 10 hitters. --The AFL via twitter

He is also finally healthy and now remembers what it is like to swing a bat without pain. --Adam Kilgore from

Of course there was an issue with Harper's debut in Arizona. He was wearing Jimmy Rollins cleats.

Another Nat's prospect, Tyler Moore, was named high A hitter of the year. --Mike Henderson at

And Zimmerman was named the 3rd baseman for the Sporting News all-star team. --Phil Wood from

Mike Rizzo's new deal raises the question of who should be the public voice for ownership. --Mark Zuckerman at

Greinke has limited no trade clause that may or may not include the Nationals. Jon Paul Morosi from

Once again a slow day for Nats news. I am sure that will end when the World Series is over and all the off-season speculation can start heating up.    

Around the NL East

The Phillies might have the offensive edge over the Giants, but the Giants' pitching hasn't let it manifest. --Tracy Ringolsby from

Last night every move that Charlie Manuel made was wrong. --Joe Posnanski from

General Baseball

Cliff Lee casts a large shadow and the Yankees know that even if they win tomorrow he will be waiting. --Harvey Araton at

Phillies fans are to the NL East what Yankees fansare to the AL East. Of course I can better understand if a Phillies fan tries to spill beer on Chipper ten years from now than a Yankees fan trying to spill beer on Cal. --David Mathews from

Yesterday the Sports Junkies were talking about how reading was for dolts and this morning they were talking about how football should just remain violent and players dying before the age of 50 is just fine as long as America is entertained. I hate to play the lowest common denominator card, but hey Twilight is more popular than whatever movie is going to win Best Pitcher this year (True Grit), and the NFL is more popular than baseball, but that doesn't mean that MLB shouldn't take steps to improve the product for all us nerdy four-eyed eggheads. --Ben Goessling from