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Nationals Daily Evolutions 10/22/10

Whether it is early posturing or true feelings it has begun. The Hammer wants to remain a National. --Adam Kilgore at

The day before yesterday Harper debuted in the AFL and yesterday all the baseball writers gave their thoughts, and the reviews were positive. --Dave Nichols from

Before Harper was sent to Arizona many people thought it would be a humbling experience, but in just one game he showed that he belongs. --Adam Kilgore from

Robbie Ray and A.J. Cole turned a few heads themselves down at instructs. --Byron Kerr from

A part of me wants to see Mike Rizzo pull off all these off season moves he has laid out and then during the press conference pull out a big cigar, lean back, and say, "I love it when a plan comes together." Others however would just like the Nats to skip to plan B, and to tell the fans plan B through G. As not many of the Nats prospects look tradeable or like something other teams would want. Keep this in mind. The Twins were in it for Lee and Wilson Ramos was the centerpiece.

The Nationals main problem during 2010 was pitching, but that doesn't mean there weren't other problems. I would personally attribute this to the number of first year players on the Nationals as they swung and missed more often in 2010 than in 2009. --Ben Goessling at

Sadly that is all the Nats news for today. After the jump is only news on the Phillies, the Mets GM search, and concussions.        


Around the NL East

Sandy Alderson might be too old to be the Mets GM. This is certainly a line of thinking I hope the Mets take. --Mathew Artus from

As the NLCS shifts back to Philly it is important to remember that Philly fans are jerks that boo Santa Claus, but are they justified? An explanation of that fateful day by a Phillies fan. --TC Shillingford via Craig Calcaterra at

Do you remember all those times the Nationals had the Phillies down and like Rocky they just kept getting back up. The NLCS is starting to have that feeling. Up by three, top of the 8th, Ibanez or Ruiz gets on and before you know what has happened Utley, Howard, and Werth are batting. It is just how the Phillies work. They are never truly out of it, and last night was just another example as some Giants miscues in the top of the 3rd gave the Phillies three runs and Roy Halladay used an exercise bike and a cutter to silence the Giants line-up. --Jeff Passan from

General Baseball

MLB considering a special seven day DL for concussions. --AP via

It would be so depressing if both the Giants and Rangers lost after going up 3-1. I think one of them will pull it off. At this point I have the feeling that the Phillies are just better equipped for a comeback. Even if the Yankees win tonight they have Pettitte vs. Lee whereas the Phillies do not have a pitching disadvantage in their remaining games.