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Wire Taps: More Washington Nationals/Adam Dunn Chatter.

MORE DUNN CHATTER: Boston Globe writer Nick Carfado gave Adam Dunn a quick mention yesterday while discussing the decision the Red Sox have to make about David Ortiz and his $12.5 M dollar option for next year in an article entitled, "With right pitch, Greinke could be pried from K.C.", noting that, "There’s another DH type out there in Adam Dunn who may be attractive to the Sox," if the Nats can't get a deal done between now and five days after the World Series ends, though, Mr. Carfado notes, "Dunn wants to play the field and the Cubs seem to be calling his name."'s Jon Heyman acknowledged Dunn's reluctance to stop playing the field in an article this morning entitled, "The Yankees have a long to do list, with Cliff Lee's name at the top", when he considered, as many Yankees fans have recently, "the damage that Adam Dunn could do as a DH playing home games in Yankee Stadium," if Dunn wanted to transition into the latter stages of a NL slugger's career next season, but Mr. Heyman writes that, "Dunn has shown no interest in DHing (although it's obviously his most natural position)."

Mr. Heyman returns to the topic later in the article, writing that, "Adam Dunn keeps telling folks that he wants to play the field and stay in the National League," but the writer mentions two more AL teams (the Tigers and White Sox) that might like to add his middle-of-the-order power, which still leaves Dunn with only one NL team (or are we counting the Nats?) expressing interest (via unnamed sources of course) in the soon-to-be-free agent bat. Maybe Dunn should take the 3-year deal the Nats have reportedly offered before they recognize what the market is out there and go back to two years? In case you missed it last week, however, though he doesn't represent Dunn, Josh Willingham's agent, Matt Sosnick of Sosnick Cobbe Sports told the hosts of "The Baseball Show" at Diamond that he thought Dunn would end up signing with Chicago for "3-years and $40 million bucks." If the Nats let Dunn walk over that, NatsTown might be one quiet place next year...


•'s Ben Goessling: Alberto Gonzalez says he doesn't want utility role with Nationals

Goessling: "[Alberto Gonzalez] says the idea of being a utility player doesn't agree with him, and has thought about playing for a different team, even though the Nationals value him as a utilityman."