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Nationals Daily Evolutions 10/26/10

We will get to choosing a good lead-off hitter later on, but right now I am having some trouble choosing mine. Here we are. If the Nationals are to ever reach their first World Series it will be because of some of the young talent playing in Arizona right now. --Mark Zuckerman from

The Homestead Greys split time between D.C. and Pittsburgh. Their bat boy lived in Pittsburgh and most likely wasn't with the team for their time in D.C., but an interesting read none the less. It is always fun to learn about people from a bygone era. --Kevin Kirkland at    

Alberto Gonzalez would rather start than be a utility man. Good luck with that. --Ben Goessling from

Reports indicate that Javy Vazquez might be interested in signing with the Nationals. This is not the number one Rizzo is looking for, but if he could be had for a couple million on a one year deal it is worth a shot.

Of course it is important to keep in mind that signing free agents isn't without some amount of risk. By some estimates half the signing teams have instances of regret. --Time Dierkes from

Most people believe it is better to build the team through the draft and the farm system. An early look at the top prospects in the class of 2011. --Jonathon Mayo from

Then there is the third way. The Nationals are in the market for a center fielder and to say the free agent class is pathetic is an understatement, but there are some interesting names that could be had in a trade. --Tim Dierkes at

The reports out of Arizona are all a flutter with tales of Bryce Harper and sometimes Derek Norris, but it seems they aren't the only prospects putting on a show in the AFL as Brad Peacock has been simply dominating. --Harrisburg Senators via Twitter

World Series previews and predictions after the jump.        

Around the NL East

The image of Ryan Howard striking out and then turning in disgust while Brian Wilson honors his father and Posey rushes towards him could become an iconic one. It is a symbol of a band of ragtags and misfits overcoming a great machine, and Ryan Howard is going to take a lot of flack for his unclutchness, but he isn't to blame. He got plenty of hits in the series, but there just weren't enough men on base for him. --Dave Cameron from

The Phillies have the money and the desire to try and keep Jayson Werth, or so they say. --Craig Calcaterra from

General Baseball

Bengie Molina started this season on the Giants, and when Posey kicked down the door to the majors he was traded to the Rangers. One way or the other he is getting a World Series ring.

The Fox ratings disaster came to pass and I am sure you will hear lots of talk about how terrible it is to have teams from Dallas and San Francisco facing each other in a meaningful game, but just for a minute imagine it is the NFC Championship instead of the World Series, and then call the markets small. --Aaron Gleeman at

The Giants haven't won a World Series outside of New York and the Rangers haven't won one at all. One of these two team will win, and end years of frustration. --Jeff Passan at

Every advantage needs to be taken when trying to win a series, and the Rangers might want to think about putting Kinsler at the top of the line-up. --Matt Klaassen from

Creator of Bull Durham working on new baseball comedy series for TBS.