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Nationals Daily Evolutions 10/27/10

Michael Burgess was the offense for the Scottsdale Scorpions yesterday. --Robert Emrich at

The most important story from yesterday is whether the Nationals pony up for Cliff Lee or settle for Javy Vazquez they will look good when they take the field. --Dan Steinberg in the D.C. Sports Bog

What would Christina Kahrl do if she were GM of the Nationals? It looks kind of like what Rizzo wants to do, but with less spending if the front office is to be believed on that front. Of course some Nats fans might disagree with the lack of importance she puts on signing Adam Dunn.

Bryce Harper might only be 18, but he is dealing with much older men fawning over him and waiting around for his autograph. I personally feel weird getting autographs from people younger than me, and I am now at an age where most stars are younger than me since the world is washed up at 30. I am still 29 for about five more months but typing the number 30 is scary.   

This is an example of how slowly news flows in the off-season. The Nationals make official news they anounced three months ago. Riggleman will be back. I just wonder when the official anouncement will come that they will be playing baseball at Nats Park. --Adam Kilgore from

Vote for Zimmerman for the Heart and Hustle award. --Cheryl Nichols from

All this talk about the Giants low payroll and not one mention of poor Barry Zito. Both World Series teams are built to prevent runs and the Nationals are building to prevent runs. --Thomas Boswell in The Washington Post

It is one thing when a major league team loses all its pitching. It is another thing entirely when it is a low A team. The Hagerstown Suns had good first half pitching and an excellent offense throughout last season. --Sue Dinem from

Union head all for expanding playoffs. This is just what I want, the World Series on Christmas. --Ben Goessling from

As you can see not a lot of news today. The World Series starts tonight and I think the Rangers should win, but I also thought the Phillies should beat the Giants, but Cody Ross won't be a factor anymore since he isn't playing against the NL East anymore. Also quick warning to other blog writers. Don't search for pictures of Jose Vidro it will delete your work and you will have to start all over.