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Nationals Daily Evolutions 10/28/10

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Bryce Harper might have gone 0-4, but he showed off another aspect of his game when he gunned down a runner at the plate. --Sue Dinem from

Brad Peacock has been pitching out of the bullpen in the AFL and looking good doing it. --Adam Kilgore at 

Since starting this link post I have come to understand more and more there is a flow to the news. Day 1 a story will break and then day 2 is reaction to the story, and finally on day 3 no one cares anymore. Well right now we are in day 2. Riggleman was officially brought back, and some think it is a good idea. --Jordan Ruby at

It also might be a bad idea since Riggleman is the losingest manager in the last 100 years. --Aaron Gleeman from

Then there is the third option. It simplydoesn't matter. --Dave Nichols from

Sometimes I just look at people's responses to things and think we live in an overly jaded and cynical society. The Nationals are giving away a game worn jersey of one of their best players over the last two seasons. Whether Dunn is with the team next year or not this is a good prize. --Dan Steinberg in The D.C. Sports Bog

There are of course two sides to everything. Instead of seeing it as a giant slap in the face of the fans some see it as a sign that Dunn might be more signed than Nats fans are being led to believe. --Josh McCain from

I haven't gotten to say this for awhile. More Nats news and of course World Series game 1 stories from two of the best after the jump.         

I actually agree with the statement that bringing back Riggleman for one more year doesn't matter, but I don't agree with the idea that it is a waste of time to pursue Cliff Lee. One more reason why the Nationals should go after Lee is the 2012 free agent pitching class isn't very good.

Fifty years ago yesterday the Nationals left town and came to town. --Dan Steinberg in The D.C. Sports Bog

There was a rumor yesterday floating around twitter that the Nationals might be headed for the AL East. Of course none of this makes that much sense. Does baseball need two six team divisions and two four team divisions? If the Nationals or Brewers are moving why would the Rays or Seattle also be moving? And if the league office is in New York why is word coming out of Washington? Lee Hamilton via Twitter

Tim Foli donewith the Nats. --Phil Wood from

A few Nationals players make their World Series picks. --Kristen Hudak at

General Baseball

When two of the best in the business are covering the World Series their work simply cannot be ignored. Lee lives in the strike zone and treats it like a gentrified neighborhood and last night he was mugged. --Jeff Passan from

Reading this entire article I couldn't get the line from Rocky IV out of my head, "You see. He's not a machine, he's a man." The Giants take down Cliff Lee and his aura of invincibility. --Joe Posnanski at