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Nationals Daily Evolutions 10/29/10

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Derek Norris had himself a pretty good day at the plate yesterday in the AFL. --Sue Dinem from

This is a very debatable topic. How to realign baseball and have an even number of teams in each league without expansion. --Dave Nichols from

Adam Dunn will be a type A free agent after all. --Adam Kilgore at

The Nats are hoping Espinosa can continue where he left off in September, but he is off to a slow start in the winter leagues. --David Lint

Justin Maxwell is hoping to be ready for Spring Training after undergoing TJS. --Byron Kerr from

Stan Kasten talks about the possibility of taking a job with the league and fixing the issues in the DR. --Adam Kilgore from

Signing Dunn or finding a replacement is number 1 on the Nats' priority list according to Jim Riggleman. --Ben Goessling at

Riggleman also believes the Nationals will be ready to make their move by the middle of 2012, but we have heard this one before. In my opinion the Nationals will be good like the Padres were. When it happens it will be a suprise. --Dan Steinberg in The D.C. Sports Bog

Non-baseball D.C. News

ESPN personality and minor league expert prefers Five Guys to In and Out. --Keith Law at

Around the NL East

Marlins discussed trading Mike Stanton for Ozzie Guillen. --Ben Nicholson-Smith from

General Baseball

Matt Cain is a walking cliche as he hits his spots and controls the game by making the batters put his pitches in play. --Joe Posnanski from