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Game 161: Bad lineup does badly

Yesterday's game report: Nats drop next-to-last game 7-2.



  • Promising: Yunesky Maya only goes 5 innings, but he fans four and walks only one, giving up 2 ER.
  • CRUSH!! Wilson Ramos (+39.0%) goes 3-5 with a pair of doubles and a game-tying RBI single (+21.3%).
  • Let me check my spreadsheet: Mike Michael Morse (+12.3%) gets the Nats within one with a solo homer for the second day in a row (+12.2%).
  • FAIL! Tyler Clippard (-34.8%) coughs up a two-out, three-run bomb to go behind (-36.3%). The Nats strand 13 runners and go 1-15 with RISP, capped by Justin Maxwell's (-24.0%) 0-3 with a bases-loaded K in the 7th (-12.0%).