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Nationals Daily Evolutions 10/4/10

The Nationals once again played an extra-inning game to finish the season, and once again came away with a win. --Ben Goessling from

The Nationals had some individual players do well this season, but as a whole the team wasn't that great. I have a feeling Zimmerman, Dunn, and Willingham's season would have helped the team more if people were on base in front of them. --Mark Zuckerman at

Adam Dunn hasn't played in the playoffs in his career and he is now second on the list of longest games played without doing so. --Adam Kilgore from

Sunday might have been Dunn's last game as a National, but Riggleman doesn't think so. --Bill Ladson from   

The Nationals have interest in Brandon Webb. --William Yoder at

And Yu Darvish. --Adam Kilgore at  

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Danny Espinosa is ready for the majors. --Kevin Goldstein from

An update on the Nationals' hitters at instructs not including Bryce Harper. The reports on Hood and Perez sound quite positive and intriguing. --Byron Kerr from

What else happenned over the weekend in Viera? Bryce Harper hit a homer and didn't look terrible in right. Sue Dinem at

Livan Hernandez out performed his projections for the 2010 season. --Christinia Karhl from

Morse is set to workout with Pudge and his trainer this off-season, and looks to play everyday in 2011. --Byron Kerr at

General Baseball

Another mainstream media person comes down on the side of Team Felix. This is starting to feel less like a debate and more like a forgone conclussion. --Tom Verducci at

The debate between Heyward and Posey seems like much more of a debate. It pretty much comes down to what is valued more. High OBP from an offensive position or excellent offensive output from a defensive position. The thing that makes this a real debate is the fact that neither is undeserving. A look at the NL ROY and the other awards to be handed out this off-season. --Jayson Stark from

Jose Bautista has had quite a season, and far too many people great it with skepticism instead of admiration. --Jon Paul Morosi from

For the past few seasons the NL West has been the most wide open division in baseball, and this year was no different. --Joe Posnanski from

There are no games tonight or tomorrow, and nothing will happen with the Nationals until November at the earliest. Are you ready for the playoffs? This weekend my friend from Atlanta was up visiting family and he invited me along to fill out a seat they were forced to pay for. While there we ran into one of his family members that happenned to be a Reds fan. We informed him to watch out for Ruiz which he laughed about. He didn't seem to understand that the Phillies line-up has no holes, and just when a guy like Ibanez looks like one that is when the pitcher relaxes and lays one in there. The Phillies are at full strength right now and the only team that can match their pitching is the Giants. It is just weird to talk to someone that doesn't know what we do about the Phillies. It almost makes us want them to win just to show these people what we already know.