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Nationals Daily Evolutions 10/6/10

The most important news to come out yesterday is that Adam Dunn might be only a type B free agent. --Ben Goessling at 

As if you didn't already know this. Ryan Zimmerman is good at baseball. In fact he is the fifth most outstanding player according to some metrics.

Drew Storen had a pretty good rookie season. I personally think that he started to get a little worn down at the end after playing pretty much non-stop from college throught the minors to the AFL then spring training back to the minors and then to the majors, but that is just my opinion. Either way here is a retrospective on the first year of his career. --Ben Goessling from

As for the Nationals next great hope. Bryce Harper is having his ups and downs in instructional league, but it is nothing that wasn't expected. --Adam Kilgore from

Derek Norris is a walk machine, and if Ramos works out and Dunn isn't resigned could he be the next Nick Johnson or Kevin Youkilis type first baseman? Just something to ponder. Whatever his future holds he feels that his adjustments at the plate in instructs will help him in the AFL. --Byron Kerr at

A report card for every player, the manager, and GM. --Mark Zuckerman at     
The most important Nats free agents this off-season might not be Adam Dunn, but the radio due of Charlie and Dave. This is a very important signing for the Nats. --William World News 

General Baseball

Important for Nats fans to note that the two comeback players of the year, Hudson and Liriano, are both TJS victims. --AP via

Beware Yu Darvish if he can't get out players that washed out of the majors. Matt Murton breaks Ichiro's hits record in Japan. --Barry Petchesky from

The ten most important questions answered as we head into the post-season. --Tom Verducci from 

My most important question is will we get to see a repeat of Brad Lidge's most famous October moment mixed with Mitch Williams most famous moment. Touch em all Joe Mauer. That is what I want to see more than anything to end the World Series this year.