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Nationals Daily Evolutions 10/8/10

With Zimmerman, Desmond, and Espinosa the Nationals infield looks like it can be a good one in the future. --Ben Goessling from

Bryce Harper feels like busting loose. I am with others that I would like to see some real stats other than that he went 0-2, 1-3, or 3-4. From the game reports that I have seen except for his 0-2 day he has had a hit in every game. With modern technology and the internet our access to information has never been better, but it still doesn't feel like enough*. --William Yoder at 

*Anyone else see Fringe last night? That was pretty creepy at the end where the guy could only communicate with a computer. I just realized the metaphorical significance of that.  

I don't know if I would call either Nyjer Morgan or Roger Bernadina young. I guess they are baseball wise, but this article is right in one thing. The Nationals need to do something about the 2011 outfield. I also think that Bernadina is more of a serious threat to Morgan than Maxwell. --John Stroba from

Livan Hernandez and Cliff Lee* both had success this past season. The reason, first pitch strikes. --David Lint from 

*Something makes me feel all slimy just writing Livan Hernandez and Cliff Lee in the same sentence. Last year might have been Livan's last hurah or it could be a post 35 success story like Jamie Moyer or Phil Nierko. I'll give you the answer to that question in five years.

More on the Nationals, the Senators, and the playoffs after the jump.

A more in depth look at Stan Kasten's final press confrence. --Dave Nichols from

In order to win the Nationals are going to need some pitchers that can strike guys out. I am looking forward to seeing if Solis is as polished as everyone says and can make it to the majors sometime in 2011. --Mark Zuckerman at   

One player in baseball history played on both Senators teams and the Twins and Rangers. A look back at the life and career of Don Mincher. --John Branch in The New York Times

Washington has always been a town with a rep for bad baseball, but it is important to remember that there were times when the team did play in the World Series. A look back at a few of those times and yesterday's place in Washington baseball history. --Mark Hornbaker from

Around the NL East

John Hart an early candidate for Mets GM job. --Joel Sherman in The New York Post

Along with Byrnes, Hahn, and Alderson. --Jon Heyman from

Roy Halladay's no-hitter has made him a transcendental player much like Sandy Koufax. --Tom Verducci at 

General Baseball

It is funny. Yesterday I was informing people of the powers of Cody Ross vs. the NL East, and look who it was that drove in the run that beat the Braves. Oh, and some Lincecum guy pitched pretty well allowing one run to be enough to win the game. Isn't it fitting though that the Giants win 1-0? --Joe Lemire at

Bad calls are ruining the legitimacy of baseball. --Joe Posnanski from

The Rangers beat the Rays to make me look like a complete fool, and I now have to agree with everyone that the Rays look listless and stand little chance of winning this series. --Evan Grant at

Lance Berkman keys Yankees' victory over Twins. --Ben Shpigel from

SBNation D.C. News

SBNation D.C. is getting an hour on 106.7 the Fan. Make sure to tune in and support the fan voice in D.C. --Mike Prada 

Don't forget the Caps season starts tonight. I am not as big of a hockey fan as I am a baseball fan, but I do try to watch some parts of most of the Caps games, and I do have a ten game plan to the Caps games. Hopefully this Marcus Johannson kid is as good as everyone says.