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Nationals Daily Evolutions 11/10/10

The AL Gold Gloves were announced yesterday and when Jeter won the internet exploded. --Rob Neyer from

Much more important than that is that the NL Gold Gloves will be announced today and Ryan Zimmerman is expected to win his second straight*. --Dave Sheinin at

*After Jeter's win yesterday I wouldn't be the least bit suprised if it goes to David Wright to reward him for his great comeback season.

Today is the big day. Byrce Harper and Sammy Solis play for the Scorpions in the AFL. Last night Adam Carr had two scoreless innings and Michael Burgess smacked his first homer of the Fall. --Sue Dinem from

Now to the real news of tonight. Not really since I don't know it, but an alternate hat was accidentally put on sale by Microsoft --Dan Steinberg in The D.C. Sports Bog

There is rampant speculation as to what the new jerseys will look like, but this mix of a Phillies uniform and KFC are most likely not it.

in case you were interested here are the best and worst uniforms* of the Nats/Expos. --Craig Calcaterra from       

*I had a strange and crazy dream last night that the Nationals new uniforms were some ungodly red, white, and blue version of the Astros rainbow uniform or the Padres McDonalds uniform. It was solid blue with red at the shoulders and white around the waist area with red and white pants with red socks. It was truly horrible.

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I find it kind of hard to imagine that Nick Johnson will be overpaid as I imagine the best he will get is a minor league deal. Same goes for Chan Ho Park. A list of 14 free agents that you can expect to be overpaid. --Stan McNeal at

If someone is wondering what the Nationals fan in your life wants for Christmas I would like all the volumes of The Walking Dead, Call of Duty: Black Ops, a John Carlson Winter Classic jersey, and an itunes gift card. Other Nationals fans might want this kind of awesome three pack of tickets including Opening Day and July 4th. --Kristen Hudak at

Keith Law's take on the free agents the Nationals are interested in, and a Nationals fan's breakdown of those thoughts.

The Harrisburg Senators sure had some mighty fine pitching. I wonder if any of them will find there way to D.C. in 2011. --Sue Dinem at

Cathcart to serve as Nationals roving instructer. --Byron Kerr from

General Baseball

Joe Morgan is one of the best second baseman to play the game of baseball, but at times his announcing was at odds with the player he was. --Joe Posnanski at