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Nationals Daily Evolutions 11/11/10

Yesterday was full of Nats related news and while the jerseys are nice and all let's start with the important stuff. Bryce Harper should be enjoying his senior year of High School but instead he is impressing people in the AFL, Mike Rizzo included. --Byron Kerr from

But let's not just focus on das Wunderkind and forget about Derek Norris who also had himself another good day at the plate. --Danny Wild at

It looks more and more likely with every passing day that we have seen the last of Adam Dunn. So, would the Nationals consider putting Harper at first? Short answer, no. Bit longer answer and my opinion (also highly unlikely), find three solid outfielders before 2012. --Bill Ladson from

When it comes to Adam Dunn we have defense, defense, defense ringing in our ears, but the real reason he doesn't have a contract yet is he and his agent most likely have misjudged the market again.

Now to the uniforms. Pictures and a few opinions on the fashion show. --MissChatter from

Opinions on the uniform from a D.C. sports blog. --Rachel Levitin at

Reason for the emphasis on the curly W from the team. --Dan Steinberg in The D.C. Sports Bog

And Ryan Zimmerman takes a moment to stop answering questions about uniforms and to talk baseball. Like why Adam Dunn should be signed, and he would give some of his salary to Cliff Lee. --Dan Steinberg in The D.C. Sports Bog

More on Zimmerman's plea for the Nationals to bring back Dunn. --Mark Zuckerman from 

Find out who is confused by the NL Gold Glove winners and more after the jump.

Gold Glove winners for the NL were announced yesterday and Zimmerman was denied his second by Scott Rolen. --Mark Zuckerman at

Jayson Stark was confused. --Jayson Stark via Twitter

Remember the people that turned in Jose Rijo and Jim Bowden. Well, they are facing charges themselves. --Melissa Segura at

Rizzo was on the radio yesterday and talked about the Nationals small shot at Cliff Lee, and how he is a Carlos Pena guy even though Dunn is still the first choice. --Tim Dierkes from

I have to admit two things here. Speculation wears on me. I kind kind of testy during this time of year, because people judge things before they even happen. The second thing is some of this news confuses me. The Nationals are reported to be active in free agency early on, but yet they are predicted to only end up with scraps. --Jon Heyman from

And there is now competition for those scraps as the Dodgers are reported to be interested in Brandon Webb. --Tim Dierkes at

General Baseball

Mariners broadcaster Dave Niehaus passed away yesterday. --Larry Stone from

The A's get David DeJesus.

Derek Jeter is a good player, but is still overrated and you would overrate him too if you were a Yankees fan. --Joe Posnanski at

One thing about the uniforms before I go. The first shots I saw of them I thought they were too plain, but then I saw more shots of people wearing them and I started to think they looked nice. Now I kind of like the nice clean look. It kind of reminds me of the White Sox uniform.