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Nationals Daily Evolutions 11/12/10

Michael Burgess went 1-4 with a triple yesterday while Lombardozzi was 1-4 and Cole Kimball pitched a scoreless 9th. --Sue Dinem from

Zimmerman wasn't able to get recognized for his defense but his bat did not go ignored as he won his second straight Silver Slugger. --Cheryl Nichols at

If someone were to ask for my honest assessment of when Bryce Harper would be with the big club I would say his production will let us know, but part of being a scout is being able to project things like this, and most scouts now think Harper will be in the majors by the time he is 19 or 20 which is really no different than earlier predictions of 2012 or 2013. --Danny Knobler at

Mike Rizzo previously said the Nationals have interest in acquiring a number one starter, and now it is known that he has interest in Lee and Webb. --Pete Kerzel from 

Nationals reliever Joe Bisenius becomes free agent. --Dave Sheinin from

The Nationals new uniforms are a reflection of  D.C.'s baseball past. --Phil Wood at    

Here is an articleabout Walgreens suing Wegmans over the W which reminds me of the time Big T faced Booker T in WCW for the use of the T. I would also like to see Phil Wood or Dave Sheinin or any other person that knows either comment or e-mail me the history of the Nats curly W and if Walgreens could have a case if they turned their ire on the Nats. --Chris Morran from

One former National is a movie star and another is a Phil. More after the jump.   

Former Nat Royce Clayton will play former Oriole Miguel Tejada in the Moneyball movie. --Jerry Crasnick from 

 Everyones favorite AAAer Pete Orr is a Phillie. --Ben Nicholson-Smith from

The Nationals right now are looking for a first baseman and Victor Martinez would be smart to sign somewhere quickly. --Jon Paul Morosi at

Also has anyone heard anything about Charlie and Dave? For my money they are the most important free agents the Nats have this off-season.