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Nationals Daily Evolutions 11/15/10

During this part of the off-season news comes at a trickle as teams wait for type A free agents to be offered arbitration or not, and then it is time for the GMs and agents to spend time with their families for Thanksgiving and then get ready for the Winter Meetings. This is at least why I think nothing happens until the Winter Meetings, but proof that it is a slow news season is when the signing of a reliever that is likely to be cut by the first week of Spring Training is considered the big news from the weekend. --Adam Kilgore from

Other news from the weekend is that Bryce Harper continues to show patience at the plate, and perform above expectations. --Sue Dinem at

The Nationals aren't expected to get Cliff Lee, and trades might be costly, but with the importance of pitching it has to be asked if it might just be worth it. --Ben Goessling from

The list of names after Cliff Lee in free agency aren't that impressive, but it has been reported that the Nationals are interested in Jorge De La Rosa. --Bill Ladson from

There were reports right after Strasburg's injury that he wasn't taking phone calls. That is different now and reportedly he is doing great, and is expected to start a throwing program in January.

Let's try and not forget about the Nationals big free agent first baseman in all this. A rundown of the positives and negatives of Adam Dunn. --Mike Axisa at

At some point all the Adam Dunn news blends together and the talk of bad defense at first just becomes tiring, but after years of Gold Glove winner Derrek Lee the Cubs fans might not be that happy with Adam Dunn. --Ken Rosenthal at

More on the Nats and an old debate about to be revisted after the jump.         

I remember back when I had a roommate we got into a debate about some team that was filled with young players, but didn't make a lot of free agent moves, it might have been the Capitals or a College Football team (which can't make free agent moves, Cam Newton aside), and it came to a head with him questioning how I could expect the team to get better with the same players. My response was simply that young players get better. The Nationals right now are filled with young players and Ian Desmond is going to work hard to make himself a better ballplayer. --Byron Kerr from

Most people would say the Nationals have come a long way from the days of Jason Simontacchi and Mike Bacsik, but it might not be as far as everyone thinks. Of course just quickly looking at the list of players not expected to play in the majors again from 2010, not a one of them was given the playing time of Nook Logan or the aforementioned starting pitchers. --Mark Zuckerman at

One day after wearing a Phillies hat to match a red ensemble Redskins running back is gifted a red Nats hat that should play better with D.C. sports fans.

General Baseball

Baseball awards season is set to kickoff today with the announcement of NL rookie of the year, but the big debate is still Team CC vs. Team Felix. --Cliff Corcoran from