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Nationals Daily Evolutions 11/17/10

At times I actually find it hard to hate Roy Halladay. He doesn't look like a bully like Chase Utley or arrogantly strut around and dance in the dugout like Jimmy Rollins.He simply pitches with effectiveness and a quiet cold demeanor, but then I see that ugly stupid P on his hat and find it quite easy to dislike him. Yesterday he won his second Cy Young award, and took a few steps in building his Hall of Fame case. I just hope he goes in as a Blue Jay. --Cliff Corcoran at

While most people weren't expecting much to happen at the GM meetings yesterday ended with a bit of a bang as Dan Ugglabecame an Atlanta Brave. I like the fact that Uggla won't be a Marlin anymore, but I dislike the fact that he is now a Brave. I was hoping he would be sent far, far away from the division. --David O'Brien from

As much as I saw this time of the off-season bothers me it really doesn't. I actually have fun watching people getting frustrated and complaining about every little rumor out there. I do agree that it can be grating and if someone could just wake me up in March I would take it. I too sometimes get a Hot Stove headache. --Dave Nichols at

Before diving right into the deep end of rumors and speculation there was some important news straight from the horses mouth yesterday. Mike Rizzo is now on record as saying the Nationals might be willing to increase payroll. --Adam Kilgore from

The Nationals also have not cut off talks with Adam Dunn, but are looking at multiple players at this time to fill the need. --Adam Kilgore from

While the Nationals keep the line of communication open between themselves and Adam Dunn the White Sox have opened their own communications with the big free agent slugger. --Mike Axisa at

There also was an AFL game yesterday and while three Nats prospects played Lombardozzi was the only one that accomplished anything. --Sue Dinem at

More on the off-season and what superstar right fielder might be available after the jump.         

 I am sure everyone remembers how well Matt Capps worked out last year. This years secondary free agent market (non-tenders) could contain a few gems like Jack Cust or James Loney. --Tom Verducci from

Are the Diamondbacks listening to offers for Justin Upton? Does any team really have enough to trade for a young right fielder of his ability that is under club control for five more years? --Tim Dierkes at

Dan Uggla can be crossed off this list, but some other names of interest that the Nationals might try and trade for. If the Yankees do end up with Crawford I am sure the Nationals won't be the only team willing to take Nick Swisher off their hands.

In the past the Nationals have hung onto some players just a little too long, and now might be the right time to move Josh Willingham, especially if the Dodgers have another Carlos Santana to part with. --David Lint from

Bryce Harper is by all reports impressive. So impressive in fact that you don't have to be a scout or even a fan of baseball to see that he is different. --Jenn from

When you here some player's names and injury in the same sentence it can be a little depressing, and when I first read that Jesus Flores had a strained calf my first thought was, "Here we go again," but it really doesn't sound all that bad, but neither did a foul ball off of shoulder padding. --Ben Goessling from

AAA isn't the place for prospects anymore. Most teams use it to store guys like Pete Orr or other players that are the R in WAR, but there are still some guys there that can make an impact in the future. The Nationals just might not have many. --Sue Dinem from

While the Diamondbacks might be willing to listen to offers for Justin Upton the Brewers are saying they aren't shopping Prince Fielder. --Aaron Gleeman from

Harper and Strasburg top list of highest bonuses the Nationals franchise has doled out. --Mike Axisa at

With Kasten now gone all the people that angered Frank are no longer with the Nationals and he holds no grudges and would be willing to be honored at Nationals Park. --Adam Kilgore at

Although Wang didn't pitch at all last year he is hoping to return to the Nationals. --Adam Kilgore at

The Nationals have a lot of young players, but the ones that do have a long enough career compare favorably with some of baseball's greats or Kevin Mench. --Mark Zuckerman at 

Around the NL East

I know I led off with some stories that could have been down here, but those were important. With John Baker out with TJS and Brett Hayes suffering a separated shoulder after a collision with Nyjer Morgan the Marlins are close to a deal with John Buck believed to be around $18 million over three years. --Juan Rodriguez from

With the Marlins trading Uggla and the news that Johan might not be ready for opening day the Nationals chances of finishing third are getting better and better. --Craig Calcaterra at