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Nationals Daily Evolutions 11/19/10

Team Felix gained the victory yesterday as Felix Hernandez won the Cy Young award despite only having 13 wins. The reason for such a low win total however was that the Mariners offense was just that bad. But for those thinking that advanced metrics killed the win that isn't the case. Guys like Bruce Sutter, Rollie Fingers, and the save kneecapped the win years ago. --Joe Posnanski from

There is a lot of talk about how the Nationals don't have a shot at a lot of free agents because they will want to go to winning clubs. What if the competition is the Orioles and Pirates like it is expected to be for Jorge De La Rosa? --Drew Silva at

It is reported that Justin Upton is on the trading block and it would likely cost the Nationals the farm. It is for this reason they probably shouldn't go after him. --Mike Kanick at

Young players like Ian Desmond generally improve by 10% by their age 27 year, but guys like Justin Upton and Ryan Zimmerman (the great ones) do not. The reason they are great is they start out at a high level and maintain. --Tim Marchman from

Add Rick Eckstein to the list of those impressed by Bryce Harper. --Bill Ladson from

Wen Stephen Strasburg got injured many people put the stamp on the 2011 and some on the 2012 season. They say it is always darkest before the dawn, and it is likely that if the Nationals do nothing this off-season they will have better talent at the end of the season than they do on Opening Day. --Dave Nichols at

Find out who you call after hitting for the cycle after the jump.       


One of the young talents that the Nationals will be counting on next season is Danny Espinosa, and after hitting for his cycle he celebrated by calling his uncle Bob. --Byron Kerr at

As the Nationals ready for the Winter Meetings some roster cleaning needs to take place in order to protect some players and make room for any they wish to add. --Mark Zuckerman from

One such player was removed from the roster yesterday, and in other news Josh Willingham harbors no ill will towards the Nationals and Roger Bernadina is tired (I thought he looked tired when the season ended). --Bill Ladson at 

If the Royals were smart they would trade Greinke as he could fetch a lot in return, and the two teams that match up the best are the Twins and Rangers. --Joe Sheehan at

You know those low risk high reward signings the Nationals are becoming known for. It isn't such low risk when another team tries and starts a bidding war. The Marlins are ready to use part of Dan Uggla's $48 million to sign Javier Vazquez. --Jayson Stark at

The GM Meetings are over and the Nationals leave without doing much but sticking irons in the fire for the Winter Meetings. --Adam Kilgore from