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Nationals Daily Evolutions 11/22/10

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All the focus in the Arizona Fall League championship game was on Bryce Harper, but it was ultimately Steve Lombardozzi that won the game for the Scorpions. Also not to be missed is the fact that a National started and got the win, closed and got the save, and all three runs were either scored by or driven in by Nationals prospects. --Byron Kerr from

Lombardozzi not only got to play hero in the championship game, but won the Stenson award for sportsmanship and leadership. I can see Lombardozzi becoming the new vampire of the internet baseball community if people keep referring to him as gritty and a player stats can't define. --Jonathon Mayo at

Nationals prospects did quite well for themselves in the AFL as a whole. --Sue Dinem at

Scorpions hitting coach adds his name to the list of people impressed with Harper. --Byron Kerr from

Aside from Harper a couple other Nationals prospects stood out in the AFL. If you aren't in a guessing mood it was Derek Norris and Sammy Solis. --Jonathon Mayo at 

The DC baseball academy is set to get underway soon. --Mike Henderson from

The Nationals add three to the 40 man. --Bill Ladson at

But some fans are confused as to why Wil Neives is still around*. --David Lint from

*I honestly don't understand why Neives is around anymore either, but I have to believe that there is some penalty in place from the union for just outright cutting non-tender candidates. If anyone has more information please place it in the comments.

News on possible free agent offers and trades after the jump.       

The Nationals could be close to making an offer for Javier Vazquez. --Bill Ladson at

At this point in timeit looks likely that Josh Willingham won't be a National come Opening Day. --Phil Wood at

When deciding whether to keep Willingham or trade him the Nationals and the trading club both need to understand exactly what Willingham is worth. --Jack Moore at

During his career Willingham has been a model of consistency, but also of constant injury. It will be a tough decision for the Nationals to keep or trade him. --Mark Zuckerman at

Around the NL East

The Mets hire Terry Collins as new manager. --AP via

General Baseball

Indians right fielder Shin-Soo Choo won his freedom with Korea's win over Taiwan in the Asian games. --Ben Nicholson-Smith at

It is very confusing to some as to why the Diamondbacks seem so committed to trading Justin Upton. Clarification is defiantly in order. --Nick Piecoro from

The Yankees name Rothschild as new pitching coach. --Marc Carig at