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Nationals Daily Evolutions 11/24/10

With Victor Martinez and Aubrey Huff signing yesterday Dunn might have lost two potential suitors. It is starting to appear that the Nationals might be waiting for the Dunn market to come to them. --Ben Goessling at

Josh Hamilton missed almost a month at the end of the year but was still able to win the AL MVP. --Cliff Corcoran at

You have to be a subscriber to read all the in depth reports, but it is free to see the list, and it is not surprising at all who is the Nationals number 1 prospect. A little surprising is the fact that Moore is now ranked ahead of Marrerro. --Kevin Goldstein at

Norris, Zimmerman, and Desmond all got hurt or had sub-par seasons after hamate bone surgery. Will Danny Espinosa suffer the same fate? --Adam Kilgore from

Despite the MVP itself being an individual award it is awarded based largely on a teams performance. So, if that is removed from the equation how does Zimmerman stack up to Votto? --Ted Youngling from

Votto beat out Zimmerman in most major stats including advanced stats like WAR, but Zimmerman would get a bit of a boost if DRS was substituted for UZR in the WAR calculation. --Joe Pawlikowski from

I am willing to bet that Zimmerman can dance* better than Votto. --Dan Steinberg in The DC Sports Bog

*The one thing I keep wondering is where or when did Zimmerman discover all this personality.

Nationals sign Frazier, McConnell to minor league deals. --Mark Zuckerman at

If you like fantasy baseball you might want to think about picking up a Nationals catcher(aside from Pudge). --Enno Sarris from

Because Pudge had more GIDP than BB. --Andy at

If you are interested in Spring Training tickets calling the number will only lead to frustration instead call the number for Space Coast Stadium. --DangerNat from and Space Coast Stadium info from

While Jim Bowden was tied up in the bonus skimming scandal in the Dominican Scott Boras has been loaning prospects money. --Barry Petchesky at