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Nationals Daily Evolutions 11/29/10

It is nice to be getting back to normal after the long weekend. I do wonder how this week will go as far as baseball news is concerned. I just have a feeling that this week is going to be the quiet before the storm of the Winter Meetings, but you never know when a GM might panic and try and outbid everyone and make some news.

First news of the weekend was Jon Garland signing with the Dodgers, and how this gives the Dodgers a rotation that is as deep as any in baseball. Pay special attention to the list of remaining pitching free agents at the bottom. Aside from Lee every guy on there is a question mark. Some much bigger than others. Most of the list is guys trying to come back from injury. --Jeff Passan from

The Nationals will be chasing one of the injured pitchers in the form of Brandon Webb at the Winter Meetings. --Bill Ladson at

All of this takes on a heightened sense of urgency with Vazquez going to the Marlins. --Ben Goessling at

This entire search for a starting pitcher wouldn't seem so desperate if it wasn't for one change-up to Domonic Brown. So, is it really better to go all in for Cliff Lee like the Nats would have to if they really wanted him, or is it better to sign a filler and wait for Strasburg to get healthy. --Mike Henderson from 

There is always the chance that a minor leaguer surprises some people, but from the looks of the Nationals' minor league system it would be a surprise if a top of the rotation pitcher is developed in the next two years. --John Sickles at 

We as fans really have no idea how committed to the idea of Adam Dunn Mike Rizzo is or isn't, but if he is already counting his draft picks and making plans to spend money elsewhere then Dunn could really muck things up by accepting arbitration. --Harper at

There is also something else that could mess up the Adam Dunn plans. Find out after the jump. 

The Nationals are the expected landing spot for Carlos Pena, but what if the Cubs sign him? Also who would that really be worse for? The Nationals or Dunn? --Ben Goessling from

The contract dispute between the Yankees and Jeter is getting interesting. Jeter might be an icon in New York, and he still has the most value to the Yankees than any other franchise, but there are some demands that even an icon has to realize can't be met. --Jeff Pearlman at

This does relate back to Dunn because as Jeter is to the Yankees, Konerko is to the White Sox, and if the White Sox spend for Konerko they might not want to spend as much for Dunn*. --Jon Paul Morosi from 

*So just for a minute imagine in two weeks that Konerko is back with the White Sox and Pena is on the north side. The market for Dunn has already shrunk with the Tigers signing Martinez and could shrink more if the Cubs and White Sox take themselves out of it. I really don't think I would have the patience to be a GM and let all these puzzle pieces fall into place.   

Words of wisdom from one of the great baseball minds, Bill James. Some highlights: he would take Upton in a heartbeat, his price for Greinke would be two Greinkes, and the traditionalist vs. saber war is only among outsiders as they coexist just fine in front offices. --Evan Brunell at