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Nationals Daily Evolutions 11/3/10

Adam Dunn is officially a free agent and it is now the 11th hour and Rizzo and Dunn have decisions to make on the big sluggers future. --Mike Henderson from

Of course Mike Rizzo could have already made up his mind and it could very well be that Dunn signs here for value or the Nats take the picks. --Dave Nichols at

If Dunn isn't back the Nationals should have Adam LaRoche at the top of their list as his mutual option was not picked up by the Diamondbacks. --David Lint from

If things get really bad there are always the non-tender candidates to look at. --Tim Dierkes from

And maybe if that doesn't work out the Nationals can hope a team non-tenders someone that is borderline. --Tim Dierkes at

Then there are the minor league free agents that had their free agency started yesterday. --Sue Dinem at

The Nationals add Bo Porter to their coaching staff and Riggleman is happy with the choice. --Ben Goessling from

The Nationals have more needs than a first baseman and a third base coach. Including but not limited to; a top of the rotation pitcher, a top of the order bat, and an outfielder. --Bill Ladson from

More on the Nats and the off-season after the jump.         

Sammy Solis is trying to turn some heads in the AFL. In order to do so he has added a new pitch and is ready for his 4th start that will take place later on today. --Byron Kerr at

Yesterday in the AFL Derek Norris continued to be an on base monster and Michael Burgess is stuck in a slump. --Sue Dinem at

Burgess might be struggling now, but he has been selected to the rising stars game along with teammate Col Kimball. --Adam Kilgore from

In case you are interested in planning that March trip to Disney the Nationals play in Kissimmee and Orlando on the 16th and 17th and then again on the 26th and 28th. --Adam Kilgore from

Of course you while down there you might want to try and avoid former Nats outfielder Elijah Dukes who was found in contempt of court for neglecting to pay child support.

Early odds are not kind to the Nationals as they are a longer shot to win the World Series than hitting double zero. --Aaron Gleeman at

In my mind best record and best team don't mean the same thing. Especially with unbalanced schedules and unbalanced inter-league, but the results of the playoffs do show that some luck and hot streaks are involved in which teams win in the playoffs. It is also important to note that in all other sports barring injuries it is always the same team that plays every night. With baseball a teams chances can very wildly based on the starting pitcher, and if the ace has just one bad game it can alter the entire outcome of a series.