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Nationals Daily Evolutions 11/4/10

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Everyone expects a power display from Harper, but he showed he can use his intelligence as well. He reached base three times yesterday once by bunt and twice by walk. With his power the third baseman has to play back and  a bunt hit could be just like a crane kick, if done right no can defense. --Robert Emrich from

For some unknown reason one of my friend's really liked Cristian Guzman, but even he was frustrated after a Friday night loss to the Orioles because of Guzman's attempt at a 6-4-10 double play. It is just funny that that play is mentioned to discredit Dunn's defense, which isn't good, but Guzman is no prized defender either. Anyway, we all know why Dunn should be brought back, but here are some reasons the Nationals might want to head in a different direction. --Bill Ladson from

A statement of faith in Danny Espinosa or the granting of Alberto Gonzalez's wish? Either way Adam Kennedy's option was declined. --Ben Goessling at

Back to Dunn for a minute, or the hole he will leave. If Aubrey Huff is the replacement it could bring an entire new meaning to get your red on. --Twitpic of Huff and the rally thong

Just for fun a look back at when Mr. National was 21, a Marlin, and threw 96. It is interesting to note the description of Livo pitching with a calm cool demeanor even as a young fireballer. --S.L. Price from the vault

The Nationals said Strasburg going down didn't alter any of their plans for the off-season, but did it, or more aptly, should it have as the Nationals don't look likely to bring back Adam Dunn or to add any other big pieces. Also the Giants might not be the model to emulate that people think they are. --Dave Nichols at

As far as position players went the Giants caught lightining in a bottle, but it is enough to make people hopeful.

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Rumors, rumors everywhere and not a one to be believed. Or could it be that the Nationals really are ready to make Cliff Lee an offer he can't refuse and pray he doesn't turn into a Mike Hampton or Barry Zito? --Jon Heyman from

Zack Greinke doesn't like pressure and would much rather not pitch in New York, but would he be willing to pitch in Washington, and do the Nationals even have the prospects to entertain this idea? --Craig Calcaterra at

Jesus Flores is not dead, and has been spotted playing baseball in Venezuela. --Ben Goessling at

Around the NL East

All the talk right now is the Nationals' target date for competing is 2012. There might be a problem with that as the Marlins are also targeting that time. --Dan Knobler at

General Baseball

Legendary manager of the Big Red Machine and Tigers is seriously ill. --Craig Calcaterra at

Everyone is talking about the great drafts of the Giants and how they have really built through the farm system. This thinking might be misguided as they really had no interest in draft picks at certain points in the building process. --Jeff Passan from

Ever wonder what it takes to get into the Winter Meetings. The answer looks to be quite simple. About $1,000.00 and approval from MLB and MiLB. --Maury Brown at

There was once a real life girl that struck out both Babe Ruth and Lou Gehrig and then was promptly banned from baseball. The story of Jackie Mitchell inspired Joseph Wallace to create the character of Ruby and his novel Diamond Ruby. --James Baily from

Saw something interesting last night on Twitter and was wondering if anyone else has heard anything more concrete. A fan asked a baseball writer if the Braves should acquire Markakis. Now I could find anything on the Orioles even being interested in shopping him and I don't see why they would. He is one of the best Right Fielders in baseball, and part of their young core. I am just wondering if this was wishful thinking on the part of a Braves fan, and he also wanted the Braves to move Markakis to left or if their is a real rumor out there, because I can't think of another rightfielder I would rather have.