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Top 5 Things You'll Never Hear A Washington Nationals Fan Say...

5. Mike Rizzo's Alright, But I Really Miss The Bowden Era.

4. The Nats Definitely Need Another Starting Pitcher, Is Daniel Cabrera Available?

3. Sure Ryan Zimmerman's Good, But I'd Much Rather Have David Wright At Third.

2. Eh, Let Adam Dunn Walk, Draft Picks Are Great, And His Offense Is Totally Replaceable.

1. Sure Opening Day Was Great, I Just Wish There Were More Phillies Fans There.

• Got Anything Better? Want to help build a comedy pyramid?

(ed. note - "Comedy Pyramid" n., (käm′ə dē pir′ə mid): def:1. a. On a live radio show Nats blog in the Fall, where listeners readers call in comment and add their own anectdotes, etc., on a specific topic, thereby growing the bit funnier and funnier.")