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Nationals Daily Evolutions 11/9/10

Dunn may no longer be a National and most likely isn't coming back, but that can't stop us from wishing him a happy birthday. --Cheryl Nichols from

In case you want a non-Federal Baseball take on the AFL action here it is. Derek Norris continues to look good and if Dunn leaves he could be a solution to the gaping hole. --Sue Dinem at

Marrero could have something to say about that however as he is working hard to progress in the Puerto Rican winter league. --Byron Kerr at

Neither Marrero or Norris would be ready to step in immediately. The Nationals will need to sign somebody to play first base and at this point it looks likely that they will go after Carlos Pena as mlbtradrumors has Vazquez, Pena, and Webb rumored to join the Nationals. --Tim Dierkes from

The name Carlos Pena and the under .200 BA is starting to fill people with dread, but it might not be as bad as it seems as he could be the blue light special of this years free agent class. --Jeff Passan at

More news and links after the jump: Expect it.

And here we are. More links. Like this one with the Nationals telling their season ticket holders to, "Expect it." To me the write up sounds like they are telling us to expect the team to not be the abject horror of 2008/2009, but this slogan is a bit like opening a wound so others can poor salt in it. --Dan Steinberg in The D.C. Sports Bog

This take isn't really all that cynical, and I think mirrors the frustration of many Nationals fans at being told what to expect. --Mike Harris at

Would Cliff Lee help the Nationals fans to expect it? Of course he would, but why would he have interest in the Nationals*? --William Yoder from 

*I had an odd thought yesterday. What if Dan Snyder gets involved? Think about it for a second. The Redskins play the Eagles on Monday. Wouldn't this upset the Eagles fans that always flock to D.C. for sporting events? And furthermore it would also upset people in Dallas. Cliff Lee is a big name right now and Dan Snyder loves big names. I don't think it has a chance of happening, but it was an interesting thought.

Every year there are big name free agents that go belly up in the season, and there are guys that turn out to be huge bargains. Predicting it is what separates the good/lucky GMs from the ones that get fired. Carl Pavano and Jorge De La Rosa are two likely busts while Jon Garland is likely to suprise some people. --Jon Heyman from

Of course most type A free agents won't be signing anytime soon as teams will wait to see who is offered arbitration and who isn't. --Ben Nicholson-Smith from

Nationals manager Jim Riggleman would like to see baseball return to Cumberland, Md. --Pete Kerzel from

Matt Lecroy (AKA: the man that made Frank cry) has been promoted to manager of the P-Nats as Daubach will take over as manager of the Suns. --Adam Kilgore at

Could the Nationals end up helping themselves to lose Adam Dunn? The Cubs reportedly have to move Fukudome before they can sign any free agents, and one of their top targets is a power hitting first baseman. --Aaron Gleeman from

Around the NL East

Dan Uggla turned down $48 million from the Marlins, and if he can stay healthy it should pay off in the end. --Jack Moore at

General Baseball

Sunday NightBaseball is getting a makeover. Jon Miller and Joe Morgan are out and the reaction is what people expect, but a little perspective on Morgan the player vs. Morgan the announcer isalways a good thing. --Craig Calcaterra from

Right now next years free agent class looks loaded with names like Pujols, Gonzalez, and Fielder all possible to become free agents. Of course there is the chance that none of them make it that far, but as far as Pujolsgoes it might take a little bit of magic for the Cardinals to keep him. --Tracy Ringolsby at

Bud Selig is known to take a long time to make up his mind. Remember when the Nationals missed out on Theo Epstein because he took his sweet time naming an owner? I for one don't mind myths and think they are fun to talk about as long as they are acknowledged for what they are. So in a way it is fitting that Selig believes in the fairy tale that Abner Doubleday invented baseball. --Tommy Craigs from  

Every time Mr. Posnanski tells us that he likes someone it is because he is about to carve them up with his beautiful words, and he just couldn't let it go without a response that Bud Selig thinks Abner Doubleday invented baseball. --Joe Posnanski from