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Wire Taps: Adam Dunn Did Not Meet With Oakland A's.

UPDATE: A's Did Not Meet With Dunn...

San Francisco Chronicle writer Susan Slusser was forced to recant reports made earlier today in the article quoted below. In a note on Twitter (@susanslusser) the SF Chronicle writer reported the following several hours after the original story had caught the attention of the baseball world:

"I'm told much to my horror that the Chronicle's report of earlier today that the #Athletics met with Dunn is not accurate. Only Berkman.

And my apologies; there were apparent discussions about the #Athletics meeting with Dunn, but they did not happen.

I am told that the #Athletics are "absolutely" considered in the mix for Dunn, but my impression is that A's are more focused on Berkman."

This is quickly becoming a story that has nothing to do with the Washington Nationals. The big story of the day today about Adam Dunn is out of Oakland, with San Francisco Chronicle writer Susan Slusser reporting that the A's traveled to Texas to meet with the free agent first baseman/outfielder/DH. In an article on the meeting entitled, "Chronicle report: A's met with Adam Dunn yesterday", the Chronicle reporter writes that an anonymous "industry source" told her, "Oakland is considered a serious candidate to land a deal with the 31-year-old slugger." The A's, who reportedly asked about Nats' outfielder Josh Willingham before trading for the Royals' David DeJesus last month, are apparently looking to make a splash this winter, as they also met with Lance Berkman yesterday as they attempt to add power to the middle of their order. 

The White Sox and Cubs are reportedly still suitors for Dunn as well. ESPNChicago's Bruce Levine reported in his weekly chat that both Chicago teams are still in the market for a power bat at first, though "Money is still a major issue for the Cubs", who, according to Mr. Levine at least, are, "...dealing with the free agent market like a small market team." "Until some of these free agent first baseman get a reality check," Mr. Levine writes, "I'm not sure the Cubs will be able to move," though he does say that Carlos Pena, "is a guy who can fit in with their plans." The White Sox still want Adam Dunn, who they failed to acquire in spite of attempts at the last trade deadline, and they, "have been trying to make that happen," but as Chicago Sun-Times' scribe Joe Cowley wrote early this morning in an article entitled, "WHITE SOX: Putz passes on arbitration":

"Unless general manager Ken Williams happens to find about $60 million in the next few weeks -- the reported asking price of free agent Adam Dunn over the next four years -- the Sox can work out a deal for [Paul] Konerko."'s Bill Ladson wrote yesterday in an article entitled, "In expected move, Dunn declines arbitration", that a, "A source close to Dunn indicated that it's less than 50 percent that the left-handed-hitting slugger will return to the nation's capital." The Nats have a 3-year deal on the table for Dunn, but they might not be able to wait til Dunn makes a decision, or they might miss out on Carlos Pena too, who's reportedly been their top target (after Dunn?) for some time now...or there's always Morse. [sighs]...