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Nationals Daily Evolutions 12/14/10

Nationals to introduce Werth at 1:00 PM tomorrow. --Ben Goessling from 

Cliff Lee decided to shock the baseball world late last night by signing with the Phillies. This is not good news for the Nationals for obvious reasons. --William Yodder at

Of course with the window opening in 2012 and the Phillies window still looking like it might be starting to shut around that time it might not be as terrible as you think. If you can think of it the right way. --Harper at

It might be time for the Nationals to turn more attention to the other Lee and Adam LaRoche as it is looking like time to fold 'em since their ain't no aces left on the river. --Ben Goessling at 

The Nats are aggressive in their pursuit of Greinke and Garza. --Adam Kilgore from

Having Danny Espinosa and Ian Desmond* is a huge bonus for the Nationals in the current market as decent starting short stops are becoming harder and harder to find. --Tim Marchman at 

*The more baseball teams say they are unlikely to move someone the more likely they are to be moved.

Another position of depth for the Nationals is the catching corps of Pudge, Ramos, Zombie Flores, and Norris. --Pete Kerzel from

These two reasons might be why the Nationals are considered front runners along with the Blue Jays for Greinke's services. --Jerry Crasnick from

When this off-season is all said and down the rosters of the NL East teams might be the most changed in baseball. Order of finish on the other hand. --Ben Goessling at

If Phil Rizzo, Mike's father, is scouting a player he wants to see their war face. --Jenn from       

The White Sox liked Adam Dunn so much they decided they needed another former Nat, and so they signed Brian Bruney. --Tim Dierkes at

Former Nationals center fielder decides to act like current Nationals center fielder.

Speaking of Nyjer. His glove throwing that led to an Adam Jones inside the park homer is one of the most embarrassing moments in Nats history. --Mark Zuckerman at

 How Do You Know the movie about a Nationals reliever to have special D.C. premier Wednesday night. --Kristen Hudak from

Real life Nationals reliever, Drew Storen, was on the red carpet for the L.A. premier. --Adam Kilgore at

Ryan Zimmerman likes Slurpees, and even gave a machine to the UVA baseball team. --DangerNat at

Some things just aren't a good idea, and Casey Kotchman is one of those things. --Phil Wood at 

With the world moving further and further away from print media (we might in fact end up living in a paperless society in our lifetimes) those in the digital media are required to police themselves and live up to a higher standard than ever. --Joe Posnanski from