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Nationals Daily Evolutions 12/15/10

The Nationals sign 42-year-old pinch hitting expert Matt Stairs to a minor league contract with spring training invite. --Dave Nichols at

I like the Stairs signing not only because it gives the Nationals a power lefty off the bench, but mostly because of quotes like this. --Tom Fornelli at

Yesterday afternoon the Orioles were close to a deal with Kevin Gregg it ended up falling through for unknown reasons, but it is fun to imagine a bullpen of Mike Gonzalez, Kevin Gregg, Jon Rauch, Aaron Heilman, and Tom Gordon. Come on Orioles you know you want a bullpen of failed NL East closers. --Tim Dierkes from

First Bob Feller wasn't dead and now we come to find out Earl Weaver is also not dead. --'Duk at

The off-season wasn't supposed to unfold like this. Cliff Lee was a Yankee, Werth a Red Sock, and Crawford an Angel before the World Series trophy had even made it to San Francisco. But just like Gorilla Monsoon used to say, "Anything can happen in the [Hot Stove League]." --Thomas Boswell in The Washington Post

Now that Cliff Lee has been signed the other players waiting for contracts might not be waiting that long. --MissChatter from

Speaking of Lee. The Nationals aren't afraid of the Phillies excellent pitching. They know the secret to beating it, and it is to stop screwing up. Not sure that solves the entire issue, but I do remember many a game where I sat in the stands mumbling to myself, "Stop helping them. The Phillies don't need any help." --Bill Ladson from

How putrid is the Nationals line-up as it stands? Not as bad as one would think according to Bill James projections. --David Lint at

Every sports figure in D.C.showed up to see the Lakers dismantle the Wizards last night including Jayson Werth.        

Zimmerman was sad when the White Sox signed Dunn, but he is happy with the Werth signing. Also Ian Desmond hopes to remain a National. Combine this with the statement that the Nationals are not willing to trade him and he will be traded by the end of the week*. --Bill Ladson at

* I have no actual insight or knowledge of this. Just call it pattern recognition.

Zimmerman should be happy as he has one woman for each arm. Also I have no idea who Adam Lambert is. He looks like a poor man's Criss Angel. 

Mark down Pavano's agent as one of the men that believes business is about to pick up. --Ben Goessling at

The curly W is important to the Nationals identity as a brand, and as such they would like it added to the Navy Yard Metro stop.

Just in case you were wondering the Nationals rotation is no match for the Phillies rotation. Although I do have to say that I would take Zimmermann and Lannan over Kenderick and Blanton. --Jordan Ruby from

The Phillies do enjoy beating the Nationals. Even when its the off-season. --Adam Kilgore at

As for the greatness of the Phillies rotation. It is good, possibly great, but not the greatest of all time. --The Common Man from

The Phillies will probably win 98games and the NL East. --Dave Cameron at expects a Phillies vs. Red Sox World Series. The Nationals odds are 65/1. --Adam Kilgore via Twitter

Having lost out on Lee the Rangers are interested in Wang. --Tim Dierkes from

Players names that keep coming up in trade rumors most of the time end up being traded. Remember when the Twins, Mariners, and Tigers wouldn't dare part with Garza, Jones, and Maybin for Soriano? Every one of those players ended up traded, and Jesus Montero will be traded soon as well. --Joe Sheehan from