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Nationals Daily Evolutions 12/2/10

I discovered something wonderful last night. With the new ESPN app on the X-Box 360 I can watch Dominican League baseball. It was beautiful to watch last night. The Starlin Castro and Domonic Brown team clobbered the Alexi Casilla team. And yes I am that big of a baseball fan that I would rather watch Dominican League baseball in Spanish than regular season Caps hockey. Also in Venezuelan baseball Victor Garate allowed an inherited runner to score in the 6th inning to break at 0-0 tie.  

Boswell thinks now is the perfect time to find a 50 year old grandma to throw you off a bridge. Yesterday I questioned why guys like Rosenthal were so much more positive on the Nats than the fanbase and then Boswell echos all the negativity of the fanbase. --Thomas Boswell in The Washington Post 

A rundown of the Nationals rhetoric and search for a number 1 starter. I believe it has always been a priority, but there is a world of difference between priority and possibility. --Dave Nichols from 

Adam Dunn negotiations are expected to take off next week at the Winter Meetings. The A's might not have met with Dunn, and are actually more interested in Lance Berkman (who might be close to a deal with the Rockies), but it is another team added to the list of those interested. --Mark Zuckerman from

No matter what teams are interested it is highly likely that Nats fans have seen the last of Dunn. --Harper at

Each week it has felt like a different team has been the one making the headlines and this is Rockies week. It might effect the Nats as Zimmerman will be looking for a new contract in a couple years and the Tulowitzki deal might be a good comparison. --Ben Goessling at

Not to beat a dead dark-horse, but Rangers likely to offer Cliff Lee five years. --Craig Calcaterra from

If the Nationals really want to add a starting pitcher it will cost them, but other teams might know exactly what they want from the Nationals. As Ian Desmond is drawing plenty of interest from other teams. --Ken Rosenthal from

Desmond's double play partner or replacement, Danny Espinosa, feels fine after his hamate bone surgery. --Byron Kerr at

Reports that Greinke might go to New York could have been premature. --Craig Calcaterra at

It might be considered a risk to sign Carl Pavano because his name is Carl Pavano, but he might be the best remaining option on the free agent pitching market. --Joe Pawlikowski at

Diamondbacks sign former Nat Wily Mo Pena to minor league deal. Are they trying to break their own record for strikeouts in a season? --Ben Nicholson-Smith from

Want to go see a guy with a crooked nose star as a Nationals reliever in LA? It will cost you $350. --Kristen Hudak at 

Now this sounds like a job I could do. If any Major League clubs are willing to pay for airfare and hotel in Orlando for me I can go to a bar until 2:00 AM and report any rumors I may or may not remember in the morning.

General Baseball

Ron Washington went from leading baseball in intentional walks that blew up in his face to being very good at choosing his moments. --Joe Posnanski from

Is the most important position in baseball one on the field or is it something more abstract? --The Common Man and Bill from  

If players are only judged on seasons in which they were excellent then Rafael Palmeiro doesn't deserve to be in the Hall of Fame. --Tim Marchman at