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Nationals Daily Evolutions 12/22/10

Matt Chico DFA. --Bill Ladson from 

Rick Ankiel the pitcher and Rick Ankiel the hitter are both defined by the K, but what happens when his K% as a hitter equals that as a pitcher? I can only imagine it opening a dimensional gateway like in the movie Event Horizon. I do not want to be in the stadium that day. --Eno Sarris at

Ankiel decided to sign with the Nationals because he is familiar with hitting coach Rick Eckstien and thinks he is better than either Morgan or Bernadina. --Dave Sheinin from

Also likes direction of the team. --Bill Ladson at

Baseball America ranks the Nationals top ten prospects. Number 1 won't surprise anyone, but I am a little surprised to see Cole Kimball make the list. --Aaron Fitt at

Brandon Webb could make a decision soon and it will likely be between Texas and Washington. --Jerry Crasnick from

Nationals also looking at Jeff Francis. --Jerry Crasnick via Twitter

If the Nationals don't get to spending the 2011 payroll could be less than the 2010 payroll. This is very bad because I will be forced to listen to people complain about it. --Mark Zuckerman at

The 2011 rotation also might look a lot like the 2010 rotation. My only hope is 13 pitchers don't make starts this coming season. --Ben Goessling from

 It's a Wonderful Life  is a beloved holiday film, and it leads us to this question. What if Stephen Strasburg never existed? One thing is for certain. People would be a lot higher on Jordan Zimmermann, who could be the next Jon Lester. --William Yoder at

Jordan Zimmermann becoming the pitcher he is projected to be is a bit of best case scenario at this point, and for every best case there is a worst case. That could look like a pitiful line-up and J.D. Martin on the mound. --Harper at

Twins and Nationals are said to be in it for Carl Pavano. Whatever team misses out could go after Joe Blanton. --Ken Rosenthal from

If Starlin Castro had played in 29 more games would he have made as many errors as Ian Desmond? He had 27 and Desmond 34. People look at Desmond an average hitter for a short stop, and a below average defender due to errors. Desmond's .308 wOBA ranked him 13th among qualified short stops in baseball. Alcides Escobar ranked second to last with a wOBA of .270. One was a key piece in a trade for an Ace. The other is considered the second best short stop on his own team. Maybe Nats fans are too hard on Ian Desmond. --traderkirk from

General Baseball

With Cliff Lee and Zack Greinke now in the NL and Adam Dunn and Willingham in the AL their places as a pitchers' league and a hitters' league are even more entrenched. --Jon Paul Morosi at

The complete list of AAV for free agents signed this Winter. --Maury Brown from