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Nationals Daily Evolutions 12/27/10

Did everyone get what they wanted over the weekend. The Nationals didn't, but they still have time left to get their shopping done. --Ben Goessling at

Brandon Webb was a guy the Nationals had targeted and now that he is off the market they have to once again move onto plan B or would it be plan D by now. --Adam Kilgore from

Besides starting pitching the other big need for the Nationals is a first baseman, and that could come as soon as this week. --Phil Wood at

Carl Pavano is also expected to make a decision at some point, and the Nationals are reported to still be in on him. --Bill Ladson from

From the moves the Nationals have made it is obvious to some that they can't decide if they want to win now or wait a couple seasons. --Paul Lebowitz at

Or it could be that they plan on winning with Harper and Zimmerman as the offensive stars and Werth will be a nice complimentary piece at that time. --Nick Cafardo from  

The Nationals spent the second most this off-season and the most for WAR according to last years stats, but things start to paint a clearer picture when that WAR is projected out over the life span of the contract. --Bryce Wilson Stucki at

Eury Perez has elite speed and a chance to be a good center fielder and lead-off hitter if he can get on base more. --Byron Kerr from

Updates on all the Nationals' prospects from around the Winter Leagues. --Sue Dinem from 

No one would argue the fact that Bryce Harper and Stephen Strasburg both have the chance to be special, but many people will argue that a position player is always more valuable than a starting pitcher, and so it is that some believe Harper will be more special than Strasburg. --William Yoder at

Other sources of revenue is a big deal to smaller market clubs, and with that in mind the Cleveland Indians have down something fun with Progressive Field. --Melissa Hoppert from