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Nationals Daily Evolutions 12/28/10

There are two free agent markets. The big names that most baseball fans have heard of that get signed to sometimes large major league contracts, and then there are all the other guys. The guys just hoping for one more shot in Spring Training. Guys like Chris Young, Jeff Francis, Nick Johnson, and Ryan Church are all going to sign before the spring, and likely to minor league deals, but they could have some of the biggest impact on the upcoming season. --John Heyman from

The answer for the Nationals might not be so complex as a minor league deal and a prayer as some believe it would be best for them to enter the season with the pitchers they have and find out if they are major leaguers. --Mark Zuckerman at

When that answer is no it can be a pretty harsh no just like it was for former Nat, Zach Day. --Mac at

Yunesky Maya and Eury Perez win pitcher and rookie of the DWL respectively. --Ben Goessling from

I wonder what tomorrow has in mind for the Nats or if they're even in its mind at all. We can all find out as soon as we get ourselves the Baseball America crystal ball. --William Yoder at    

 With one week left to go before the New Year the Nationals are still hoping to add a first baseman and pitching. --Ben Goessling at

Even before the DH the NL had more intentional walks than the AL. --Andy from

With the two most annoying fan bases in baseball having the best off-seasons baseball fans are in for what could become known as the year of the blowhard. --Craig Calcaterra at

Soon we will know what this year's Hall of Fame class will look like, and it is sure to come with debates. --Joe Posnanski from