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Nationals Daily Evolutions 12/30/10

I am going to apologize for the lack of Nationals news. I am pretty sure, almost positive, that GMs and agents are people too, and they might be spending this week with their families. That might be the reason for the lack of moves this week, or it could just be that not that many good players are left, but two good players that are left are first baseman, which the Nationals need, and no matter which one they end up signing Morse will be the player most affected. --Ben Goessling from

Nationals are winners so far this off-season, because now the plan is more than just talk. --Jon Heyman from 

Eury Perez is fast and Wilson Ramos should help the Nationals' catching to be better in 2011. --Jonathan Mayo at

Stephen Strasburg should pitch when Stephen Strasburg is ready to pitch and the Nationals should do nothing to rush him. --Cliff Corcoran at

And from this point forward it is about other teams and the Hall of Fame. Mostly the Hall with some great columns by Posnanski and Rosenthal. If you love baseball you will join me after the jump.

Could the Orioles be next years Padres*? Will Tommy Hanson have an amazing breakout year? And are the Phillies not as good as you think they are? All this and more. --Joe Sheehan from

*The Orioles are not next year's Padres. They still have no bullpen and even if the young pitching reaches its potential wins will be squandered by the sheer terrible nature of what will be the Orioles bullpen. My prediction for next years Padres is the Padres. Sure they lost Gonzalez, but Hudson, Bartlett, and Hawpe should help some in dulling that pain, and Latos, Richard, and Stauffer will all have more experience this season.  

After the players that should be an easy no there are the players that have a good case for the Hall of Fame but fall just short. --Joe Posnanski at

Voting for the Hall of Fame hasn't gotten any easier with the cloud of mystery that steroids bring to the whole affair. --Ken Rosenthal at

Jeff Bagwell wants you to know that he did not take steroids, and really there is no reason to believe he did other than the era he played in*. --Jerry Crasnick at  

Now for the 4th day of Hall of Fame week. The players that should be in. --Joe Posnanski from