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Nationals Daily Evolutions 12/8/10

Monday and yesterday were mostly rumors. Most of the time teams are bidding for the same players and then there is a bit of a snowball effect when those first options start signing. We heard all about Rizzo's adoration of Carlos Pena, but with his signing with the Cubs now the Nationals focus can shift to Adam LaRoche. --Mike Harris at

As for those Cliff Lee rumors they were different every couple of minutes. Here is a good summary.

If the Nationals do end up going all in on Cliff Lee some will respond, "What does it matter they will lose anyway." Then there will be responses like this, "It is about time a bottom feeder tries to win." --Barry Petchesky from

Rizzo is trying to make the Nationals into a winner. It might not happen next year, or the year after, but whenever it happens he isn't done yet at the Winter Meetings. --Harper at

Despite all the signings and rumors Zimmerman is still the face of the franchise. --Adam Kilgore at* 

*If any Washington Post editors read this please note to yourselves that I check every morning for articles like this and if I can't find it there is a problem. I know the Redskins are top dog and get the most clicks, but hiding articles and then complaining about low clicks is pointless at best.

Stan Kasten on the Werth deal and the possibility of a world without agents. --Maury Brown at

Another defense of the Werth deal from an economic standpoint, and if you haven't read the book The Baseball Economist yet I recommend it. --J.C. Bradbury from

Jayson Werth's beard is so legendary it has its own twitter account, but it might not be the best beard in D.C. baseball history. --Dan Steinberg in The D.C. Sports Bog

I am not sure if the Wizards have made a horrible pun this year, but the Nationals are joining in and beating the Redskins (R you in) and Capitals (Building America's Hockey Capital (get it they're the Capitals and they play in the nations capital)). But this pun on Werth's name is by far the worst. --section138 via Twitter 

Jayson Werth's contract is on an entire different level of overspending. --Joe Posnanski at        

One last thing before the jump. I would like to welcome WJFK DJ and Lake Braddock alum, Chad Dukes, to the sbnation family. --Chad Dukes via Twitter

The Red Sox want Josh Willingham and Lars Anderson is now expendable, but they also have a centerfield prospect that is just as blocked in Josh Reddick. --Nick Cafardo at

Seven years for Lee might sound crazy, but it isn't as insane as you might think. --Jeff Passan from

Cliff Lee would like to play for the most money and if the double mystery is real and the Yankees or Rangers won't go to seven he will be playing elsewhere. --Joel Sherman at

Wondering where the Nationals stand on Lee. Cautious, confident, and trying to shock the world. --Ben Goessling from 

Greinke is going to be costly, but the Nationals are keeping tabs. --Danny Knobler at

Brad Hawpe could be an option for the bench or first base or left field platoon. Seriously would love this type of power as a pinch hitter. --Adam Kilgore from

Day 2 from the Winter Meetings in Rizzo's own words. --Mike Rizzovideo chat with Ben Goessling at

Espinosa and Desmond still sought after in trades. --Pete Kerzel at

Nationals have continued to have meetings with Pavano's agent, still looking at Webb, and relievers. Rizzo also thinks pitchers wins are the most important stat, but more important is how they got to the wins, and the most important aspect of getting wins is pitching deep into games effectively. --Mark Zuckerman at

With Pena signed the focus can now shift to LaRoche. --Bill Ladson from

The Rule 5 draft is the symbolic end to the Winter Meetings. Here are some names to keep in mind. --Sue Dinem at

Verducci is right. Werth is not a 3 or 4 hitter. If the Nats do trade Willingham and sign LaRoche it will be interesting to see who bats 4th. But as early as 2012 the order could be Zimmerman, Harper, Werth. So, while Verducci is right I do not think the Nats plan to use Werth as anything more than a number 5 hitter. --Tom Verducci at

A little discused first base option in D.C. is Prince Fielder (Boras client), but he is not being ignored in Baltimore. --Evan Brunell at

Speaking of Orioles. If they do sign a first baseman and sign Thome, Vlad, or Damon to DH then Luke Scott could be available. He is interested in politics so D.C. might be perfect for him. --David Brown at

The pace of the Lee talks has frustrated the Yankees. --Ken Rosenthal at

The thought that the Werth signing drove up the Crawford price might be misguided as clubs simply might not be able to pay him that much. --Jayson Stark at

The Dodgers spent a lot of money before the divorce case was settled. Whoops. Now they might have to shed some salary. --Craig Calcaterra at