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Washington Nationals: Chien-Ming Wang Chooses Nationals? (Updated)

UPDATE: 2:35 pm EST

A half an hour back,'s Jon Heyman (@SI_JonHeyman) posted an update on the pursuit of free agent right-hander Chien-Ming Wang, who was supposed to be working out in front of the Los Angeles Dodgers at some point today, with Mr. Heyman writing:

"#dodgers have pulled out of wang derby. if it was indeed 2-team race, he's headed for #nats. @PeteAbe said nats this morn."'s Jon Paul Morosi followed shortly thereafter with a Twitter post of his own in which he identified Washington, DC as the "likely spot" for Chien-Ming Wang to land, but noting that the 29-year-old right-hander, "...has yet to start throwing off mound," so a,"...June return likely." 

Nats Insider and former Washington Times Nationals beat writer Mark Zuckerman had the following updates on the Nationals' pursuit of Wang in his last few Twitter posts:

"Was just told by a source close to #Dodgers that after watching Wang throw this morning, they're not ready to sign him. Good sign for #Nats

"Wang and his agent wanted a firm offer from the #Dodgers today. They balked. Could be only a matter of time before deal is done with #Nats"

Is Chien-Ming Wang going to sign with the Washington Nationals now, or are Wang and his agent sticking to the 7-10 estimate for the decision included in reports last night?

While the Washington Nationals might not be saying anything right now, Boston Globe ( writer Peter Abraham isn't backing off the message he sent out on Twitter this morning which read, (in case you've somehow not read it by now): 

Chien-Ming Wang has decided on #Nationals. Deal close to being completed. He could be in rotation by May."

After numerous reports echoing Ben Goessling, who wrote on Twitter that "...earlier reports the #Nats have signed Chien-Ming Wang are false..." while, "...reiterat(iing) the Nationals are in consideration," the source of the original report, Mr. Abraham responded indirectly by Tweeting, "#Nationals have plenty to do. But Wang is a good risk for them with potential for high reward. His stuff will play in NL," and quoting New York Times' baseball writer Tyler Kepner, who sent out his own Tweet on the subject:

"Solid info here; no reporter is closer to CMW than Pete. RT @PeteAbe Chien-Ming Wang has decided on Nationals. Deal close to being completed."

So who do we believe? The writers close to the Nationals, or the writer close to Chien-Ming Wang?'s Ben GoesslingNats Insider's Mark Zuckerman and's Bill Ladson took to the phones following reports by Boston Globe writer Peter Abraham, and the Nationals beat writers just checked in with updates via their respective Twitter accounts:'s Ben Goessling: (@masnNATS)

• "Don't get too excited--just heard from a source the #Natsdon't have a deal with Chien-Ming Wang, and he is still 7-10 days from a decision."

• "The source said earlier reports the #Nats have signed Chien-Ming Wang are false, though he reiterated the Nationals are in consideration."

Nats Insider Mark Zuckerman: 

"#Nats are serious contenders for Wang, but are far from a done deal, according to club source..."'s Bill Ladson: (@washingnats): 

• "Nothing is close between the #Nats and RHP Chien-Ming Wang, according to a baseball source."

• "However, the Nationals continue to be a finalist for Chien-Ming Wang's services."

• 9:30 am EST : Brian Oliver (@NFA_Brian) of the Nationals Farm Authority just ReTweeted a Twitter post from Boston Globe ( baseball writer Peter Abraham (@PeteAbe) from about 25 minutes ago which reads as follows:

"Chien-Ming Wang has decided on #Nationals. Deal close to being completed. He could be in rotation by May."

As of right now, Mr. Abraham is the only one reporting on Chien-Ming Wang's decision to sign on in the nation's capital. More news when it's available.'s Bill Ladson wrote last night that the Nationals were "aggressively pursuing" the former New York Yankees' right-hander, who was non-tendered by NY after undergoing surgery on his right shoulder last season. The soon-to-be 30-year-old right-hander has struggled with injuries for the last two seasons after putting together back-to-back 19-win campaigns for the Yankees in 2006 and 2007...

More news when it's available or when the Nationals confirm Wang's decision to sign in DC...

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