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Washington Nationals: SBN 2010 MLB Previews.

• LINK: Washington Nationals: SBN 2010 MLB Previews.

"Every day, from March 1st through March 30th, we will be posting a new team preview for the upcoming MLB season, written up by our excellent network of baseball bloggers. Follow this section for daily updates as you prepare yourself for the summer ahead. Team previews will be posted in ascending order of Las Vegas World Series odds." - - Jeffrey Sullivan - SB Nation MLB Hub

(ed. note - "I wrote the Nationals' 2010 Preview over at the SB Nation's MLB Hub, but I didn't come up with the "Finally Interesting" in the title, though I guess it's fitting for the rest of the baseball world that's finally starting to pay attention to the Nationals. If you feel like commenting over there, even just to give me guff for forgetting "Everyday" Eddie Guardado in the bullpen...or did I forget him? Go ahead, give the SB Nation MLB Hub some love...")