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Nationals News: Sweet Sweet .500 Edition

  Yesterday was a great day to be a Nats fan. Between Josh Willingham's grand slam against Mets' ace Johan Santana and Stephen Strasburg's impressive AA outing (video here), we have a lot to be excited about. I'll be the first to admit that I had pretty much chalked up yesterday's game against the Mets as a loss even before it began, but these boys definitely have heart. Yesterday's win was very significant, as Mark Zuckerman points out.

Nationals News

  Jeff Passan has a good piece explaining why we most likely won't see Stephen Strasburg until June... when the Nats play the Reds... who will be calling up Aroldis Chapman around then... intriguing. But FJB doesn't like the idea of waiting to see Strasburg, who doesn't really need the practice.

  Strasburg's win was closed out by Drew Storen, a duo we hope to see a lot more of in the near future.

  Adam Dunn's immense stature may prove beneficial to his teammates.

  An old article, but a good point about the importance of starters going deep into games.

  On the same day the Nats activated Livan Hernandez, they optioned Garret Mock to Syracuse and will call up Scott Olsen in time for Thursday's game against the Phillies. Mock's attitude about being sent down seems to be pretty good, saying "it's encouraging for the way the team is going. They're not going to put up with what I did the first game."

 Mike Morse was put on the DL and the Nats recalled Roger Bernadina from Syracuse to take his place. Most likely, though, the Harris/Taveras platoon will continue in right.

  Ryan Zimmerman is likely to make his return on Wednesday.

  The fact that Matt Chico is currently starting for AA Harrisburg says a lot about the Nats' farm system -- it has been beefed up significantly.

  Mike Rizzo gives readers a bit of behind the scenes information on how a trade is made.

Non-Nationals News

  The other big name rookie (Aroldis Chapman) pitched well in his AAA debut yesterday, striking out nine and allowing one unearned run in 4.2 innings.

  MLBTR assesses Elijah Dukes' value, in terms of whether (when?) a team will sign him. Kind of weird to have to put this in the non-Nats section...

  Barry Bonds is proud of Mark McGwire's admission of PED use.

  The Nats did lose to Roy Halladay, but at least he didn't pitch a complete game with 8 strikeouts like he did yesterday against the Astros.