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Nationals News: R E S P E C T Edition

  Jim Riggleman believes that his team needs respect, but as Mark Zuckerman points out, the best way to earn that respect is to be a team that wins. I was glad to see Riggleman standing up for his pitcher, but I'm not sure getting tossed from the game is going to earn a fairer strike zone.

Nationals News

  Inside Edge's "report card" on Strasburg's start against Altoona gave him an overall grade of a B+, but he earned an A+ in finishing off batters and dominance.

  Peter Gammons has reported that Scott Boras negotiated a 100-innings limit for Stephen Strasburg this year, but the Nationals dispute this, saying he could pitch as many as 160 innings.

  Ryan Zimmerman feels a little better, and is still hoping to return Wednesday.

  Pudge Rodriguez's bad throw to second was likely a result of his spasmodic back.

  Nats320 ponders Adam Dunn's complete loss of power since last September.

  It appears likely that the Nats will take Bryce Harper with their first pick in the 2010 draft. They believe he has the same potential as Jayson Heyward.

  The Nats are ranked 20th in SportingNews MLB Power Poll.

  The Nats had been talking with Jermaine Dye, but were unable to reach an agreement, and at this point it looks like an agreement is unlikely.

  Jesus Flores will start throwing soon, and will start batting shortly after that. He is not eligible to return to the Nats until June 3.

Non-Nationals News

  The Mariners have told Milton Bradley not to put too much pressure on himself after a rough first week, where he flipped off some fans and shattered his bat on the ground after a strikeout.

  Joba Chamberlain's mom was given four years of probation for a felony drug charge.