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Nationals News: Power Outage Edition

  While a 3-4 start for the Nats shouldn't be considered good, it's an awful lot better than the 0-7 start they were off to last year, and is even more impressive when you consider that the Nats' bats have been anemic. Only Josh Willingham, Cristian Guzman and Ivan Rodriguez are hitting above .300 -- and cleanup hitter Adam Dunn is hitting just .111. When the team starts swinging as well as they should be, they're going to be in the thick of a lot more games.

Nationals News

  Despite his poor start to 2010, Adam Dunn is not concerned.

  Dave Shenin tells us about the next great prospect we've never heard of, Tom Milone, currently pitching at AA Harrisburg.  He also ponders whether Jermaine Dye is being kept out of baseball by racism.

  Josh Willingham would like a multiyear deal with the Nats.

  Nationals Daily News weighs in on the Bryce Harper hubbub.

  Use coupon code "TEDDY" to save 35% on select seats for the Brewers series.

  Bill Ladson answers some fan questions.

  Jeff Bergin shares some thoughts on the young 2010 season.

Non-Nationals News

  The Nats Blog salutes Dr. Frank Jobe, the inventor of Tommy John surgery.

  Jorge Cantu of the Marlins has done something not done since 1921 -- get a hit and an RBI in the first 8 games of the season.

  The Yankees have now sold 37,000 season tickets, and are ahead of last year's sales pace. Boo.

  New Mariner Cliff Lee is expected to make his season debut on May 1 or 2.