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Nationals News: Get it Right or Get Out Edition

  These are not last years' Nationals -- no more will the team put up with poor performance start after start. Garrett Mock found this out the hard way, being optioned to Syracuse after one bad outing. Roger Bernadina is the latest demotion, being sent to Syracuse after one at bat. I understand that the Nats want to find players who will work right now, but maybe more than one shot is in order?

Nationals News

  I like Lady Gaga as much as the next Pat Listach, but I don't blame him for being upset about the Phanatic's dance.

  Nationals starters have pitched one quality start in eight tries. The team has scored 33 runs in the first four innings of their games, and just two total after that. What's going on?

  Jason Bergmann had a bad night last night, and has no options remaining, meaning that if the Nats want to send him down to Syracuse to make room for Scott Olsen, they must risk him by sending him through the waivers process.

  Yesterday's game against the Phillies was a big opportunity for the Nats, and they weren't able to capitalize on it.

  If the Nats bypass Bryce Harper, another option is Deck McGuire, currently pitching very well at Georgia Tech.

  Five years ago last night was the first pitch thrown by a National ever.

  The Phillies have scored 45 runs in the first five games played against the Nats.

  Ryan Zimmerman didn't play again last night, but apparently could have pinch hit.

Non-Nationals News

  Representative Frank Pallone wants to know why smokeless tobacco is banned in the minor leagues, but allowed in the majors. Doesn't Congress have better things to be doing...?

  Scott Stapp, singer for Creed, has written an AWESOME song for the Marlins. Seriously, watch it.

  Jorge Cantu has become the first player in MLB history to get a hit and an RBI in the first nine games of the season.

  Jimmy Rollins has hit the DL. Good news for Nats fans!