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Ask Washington Nationals' Skipper Jim Riggleman? Why Bat Cristian Guzman Second?

Whenever I'm able to be here, I've promised to turn the pre and post game interview with DC Skipper Jim Riggleman over to the FB readers, to give you the opportunity to ask the Nats' manager anything you want. The first question comes from Twitter, with @NotRIzzo wondering about the thinking behind batting Cristian Guzman in the two-spot:

Q: You have Cristian Guzman batting second, just wondering what your thought process is there and how you're deciding between him and Ian Desmond?

Jim Riggleman: "Well, Guzzie just seems more comfortable in that second spot. Last year, we tried to move him down further in an RBI slot, and his game kinda went backwards, and he just likes hitting in that second spot. We had to hit him third (last night) with Ryan Zimmerman out, but he's such a good hitter, and he's a dangerous hitter, because he's swinging a lot. I can imagine if you're the other manager, when he comes to the plate you're a little worried, because he's a bad ball hitter. There's a temptation to have him down there in more of an RBI position but he just seems more effective in that no. 2 spot."

NOTE: Guzman, over the course of his 11-year-career, has spent the majority of his time in the two-spot, (2,648 of 5,050 career AB's), but what's concerned some Nats fans is his low OBP, and seeming lack of patience at the plate, which seems to be in direct opposition to Mr. Riggleman's thinking in hitting Guzman second? What do you think? Do you want contact from the no. 2 hitter? Patience at the plate? Or just want him to avoid hitting into a DP if Nyjer Morgan's unable to steal second before Guzman inevitably swings at the first pitch? Any thoughts?