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Nationals News: Feast or Famine Edition

  One day after Livan Hernandez' complete game shutout of the Brewers, the best start by a Nationals pitcher all season, Jason Marquis gave us what might be the worst start in the history of the club. When the Nationals signed Hernandez, I'm fairly certain they weren't envisioning him as the stopper, but through two starts, that's exactly what he's been. He has pitched to the tune of a 0.00 ERA, while Jason Marquis has earned a 20.52 ERA through three starts.

Nationals News

  Following his awful start, Jason Marquis went to the batting cage and "threw nothing but strikes."

  Although Adam Dunn's bat hasn't been as hot as the Nats would like, his defense at first is better than expected, although Dunn himself admits that he isn't going to be a Gold Glover.

  Byron Kerr had an interview with Jeff Mandel, a solid pitching prospect currently at AA Harrisburg.

  Josh Willingham had an awesome interview wearing the Elvis wig.

  After giving up a grand slam in cleaning up Jason Marquis' mess, Miguel Batista pitched four clean innings.

  Bill Ladson has confirmed that the Blue Jays are interested in Jason Bergmann.

  Jim Riggleman is giving a few players days off in the interest of keeping them fresh through the Nats' 15-game stretch.

  Ivan Rodriguez is the National League batting leader. If you're in need of catching help in your fantasy league, he's your man.

  The ten runs allowed in the first of yesterday's game is the most runs allowed by the Nats in any single inning, ever.

  Did Riggleman pull Jason Marquis too early?

Non-Nationals News

  Dodgers announcer Vin Scully marks 60 years with the team this year. If you haven't had the pleasure of listening to him call a game, now is the time.

  Ubaldo Jimenez threw the first no-hitter in Rockies history on Saturday. He should face Livan Hernandez on Thursday.